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  1. New User help please?

    Hi mate. That’s cool, but got full setup at home so ready for isolation if needs be hahaha
  2. New User help please?

    Hi Everyone I hope this is ok to put this thread here?. Im new to this site and just started training again after quite a thew years off. I’m now 33. Im currently using along with a good high protein diet, protein shake, creatine, l glutamine, and collagen protein. Looking for something else to just boost recovery times as I’m also a rock climber and mountain biker so always active so the quicker I can recover the better. just looking to get good solid lean tone and strength as don’t want to get to big and heavy due to climbing. Is there any natural boosters worth doing or what do people recommend?. Looked at pro hormones and done a lot of reading but read lots of bad things and wasn’t sure what the actual real side effects are hence getting advice from some real users?. Thanks for now.
  3. Hi everyone! my names mike 33, currently living in Dorset UK. Just want to say hello, just getting back into bodybuilding after some time off. Hope to gain some useful help and enjoy some good banter. cheers all!