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  1. Hello from FRANCE

    Ahah Nice to meet you mate that's a pleasure for me
  2. Hello from FRANCE

    Thanks mate
  3. First cycle melanotan 2

    Hi everybody , I wanna do my first cycle of melanotan 2 ( i never use steroid before ) and i wanna know if i take 0.25 mg / day for 4 week i will get great result or if i need to take more like 0.5 mg a day ? I wanna know also if with this dosage ( 0.25 mg / day ) i still risk having a hyperpigmentation of the skin ? I have more than 50 moles. I have the " Fair Skin " ( skin type 2 ) . Thank you in advance .
  4. Hello from FRANCE

    Thank you my friend
  5. Hello from FRANCE

    Hi everyone ! I'm Sebastian i'm 22 years old and i m coming from the sourth of France . I'm very happy to be in part of this forum and i hope so much everything will be good . Nice to meet you all