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  1. Gym changing rooms

    Fair point. I just kinda thought it’d be wrong of me to strip down right in front of everyone. But you can’t really avoid it.
  2. Gym changing rooms

    No mate I’ve no need to complain. Nothing wrong with having a laugh, I just didn’t want people thinking I’m on here to put up dick pics Haha
  3. Gym changing rooms

    Fair enough mate
  4. Gym changing rooms

    Lol, yes that is true but it’s irrelevant in my case as I was asking a question about the what the etiquette is for the changing rooms
  5. Gym changing rooms

    I’m really not interested, was trying to have a laugh and I didn’t understand what they were talking about. And when did I say I was looking out for a penis? and I have a girlfriend, so I’m not gay
  6. Gym changing rooms

    I was asking a gym related question
  7. Gym changing rooms

    No that’s not why I made this post. I was simply asking a gym related question. I’m not posting any such pictures. That’s not what my post is about.
  8. Gym changing rooms

    Sure I wouldn’t be able to post a pic of my dick on here hahaha
  9. Gym changing rooms

  10. Gym changing rooms

  11. Gym changing rooms

    Oh crap
  12. Gym changing rooms

    Why was he on the lookout for 18 year old guys? And cheers mate
  13. Gym changing rooms

    Hahaha and how come?
  14. Gym changing rooms

    Fair enough mate. It’s really only because I’ve never used a public changing room before in that way. It’s really just because I’m not big yet in terms of muscle and my penis is pretty small when it’s flaccid
  15. Gym changing rooms

    I did do sports at school, yes. No I’m not particularly worried about seeing a naked guy, I just mean I would feel a bit awkward that’s all. and I wasn’t sure if I’d get dirty looks for being completely naked in the changing room