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  1. Recomendation for a 2nd PTC

    Hello Marzio, this was my cycle. 1-4: Diana 40mg 1-8: Enant.Test 500mg 1-8: Bolde 400mg 9-12: Test Prop 300mg 9-12: Masteron 300mg 2-12: Hcg 500iu 13-17: Clomifen 100/100/50/50/50 13-17: Tamox 40/40/20/20/20. Tribulus and maca. Two months after finishing the PCT, I started taking clomiphene at the rate of four weeks: 50/50/50 / 50mg.
  2. Blood work, Elevated Prolactin

    At those prolactin levels I wouldn't take anything except that there were symptoms like galactorrhea. You have very high testosterone ? Before using medications to lower prolactin there are certain natural remedies: -Vit B6: 300-600mg / day -Vit E: 300-400mg / day -SAM-e: 400-1200mg / day -Mucuna Pruriens (L-dopa) -Ginseng -Bruise -Ashwagandha: 450mg 1-3 times / day -Cinc: 50-100mg / day -Ginkgo Biloba: 60-360mg / day
  3. Recomendation for a 2nd PTC

    Hi everyone, I’m 43 years old. 5 month ago I finished my cicle and I’m pretty sure I used a fake HCG (Greek Pregnyl). I never had any problems of recovery but since this is happen I lost sex drive, I have very small amount of semen and lost of testicular volumen. After been 5 month in this situation I decided to take a blood test. This are my results: I would like to know what can I do...I’m thinking to do a 2nd PTC or another kind of therapy. Appreciate your advice Guys.
  4. Presentation

    Hi, I'm Felix, I'm 43 years old and have been doing bodybuilding for 20 years. I am Spanish and I have lived in the UK for two years. I have some years of experience in the steroid world. I hope to continue learning and contribute everything I know. Thank you and sorry for my English.