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  1. Thanks for information, i thought maybe cause i had lovehandles my whole life, even when i was like 62kg as young and same height as now i was still "fat" then i trained kickboxing a few times per week for a couple of years. That as soon as testosterone flood thrue my system and get my body working optimal i would start looking like a "man" and working ouyt would give me some gains as well as loose fat. Well the doc just said 8 weeks, we never had any discussion about interval. Me changing it is because i didnt feel well and felt better when it was longer in between. I mean i should listen to my body as much i could right ? Its not that the doctor will ask or care how i feel or even do any follow up. He feels more like a pharma guy not caring about the patient. So how are you with estrogen Aqualung ? I if i take it every 8 weeks can my estrogen normalise as well then ? I know it build up slowly, what about 4 years or 10 years ? 8 week interval and then it will be extremly hight ? Or will you increase interval on doctors order after blood i supose. Just find it weird my libido is being affected but i will keep going 8 weeks till doc say otherwise, i wish i could get the great result i see some get.
  2. Hi yes prescribed therapy, i see no reason to use it illegaly, im no athlet and never been. Symtoms was extremly tired, lethargic, bad libido, no result in gym which doesnt matter for the doc. First they gave me levythyroxin because i was tired and TSH was sligtly elevated, this did nothing and i used 75mg in the end with no result. So 9 months with this they checked my testosterone and SHBG which was low every time. But i never got any answers what is wrong with me. Just that SHBG is high and nobody knows why except the test show my hypofys is normal. But the doctors have never done any follow up, except 3 months after saying my testosterone is now within normal values.
  3. Hi all and thanks for the answers, i have now booked a telephone apointmen to the Doctor, will have to wait till middle or april unfortunly. I did also talk to the only mens clinic in Sweden i have found and discussed my problems. They said most likely i need an ai to get estrogen down. I did not get trt because of muscle or fat issue, i got it because of libido which it has helped with till now when it seem to have gotten worse. I just want to work optimal and my sudden weight gain is weird since i weight the same for about 10 years. When i got trt they found nothing wrong with my brain or explanation why it was low, my SHBG was almost 100 and testosteron around 25 which ment my free test was very low. So i got Nebido right after this which helped alot. But now my body seem not to be in balance. I understand your citicism and its difficult or impossible to make a real judgement without blood. So when i get my blood i will post them here. I also wonder by your experience if ai will help me ? I always had fat around love handles and on my back making my figure look weird. And i always been skinny fat despite working out alot before i got kids. Im a bit tired of this and just want to get my energy back and work out without getting no result, or joint ache.
  4. Hi and thank you for all answers, yes it's on prescription, i am not a fit guy more skinny fat, and actually trained more before trt. I am above 40 and thought maybe trt would fix my energy and help me build muscles and lose fat. But I been having a lot of ups and downs. Since my wife is a nurse she do the injections, I don't like it to care center get some nurse who is not used to this and showing my butt It wasn't an endocrinologist who prescribed it, it was a general practitioner or what is it called in English. He was also retired working extra so he's not there anymore. I feel that im questioned and looked weirdly at for taking this by doctors since they have little knowledge about it. I feel like Mr assface said some nolva or ai could work, but i want it legally then, not messing about. I don't want to break the law to get something that might work i rather wish i could fix this without ai since everywhere i read it is hard to dose correctly and many shut down their estrogen and its a difficult balance. If i could use ai and loose my annoying fat and lose 25 pounds or so, maybe my body can handle testosterone better and not having this problem when fat percent is lower. Since I'm in Sweden medicine may differ, but any suggestion what i could ask for, and also what can I expect to see. I have been very tired last months and barely horny before I would jump the wife as often as I could. It starts to feel like i was before treatment.
  5. Hello guys, i been having trouble with nebido. Been losing energy and gaining fat the last 6-7 months. I thought maybe the dose was too weak I been injecting every 9-11 weeks depending on how i feel. And gym has not been going well, with constant joint pains or lack of energy. Since i started i gained about 6 kg or around 15 pounds in fat. At December i thought now I'm gonna do a real blast and injected after 4 weeks and was gonna go real serious with diet and gym. And i think i trained for 1 week before i went to hell. Got deep anxiety and felt extremely low and wanted to avoid social interaction, got muscle and joint pain, felt like constant flue. After almost 11 weeks i to my next injection and felt a bit better every week it got out of my system. My theory is estrogen f**ked up big time. I have a really bad experience with doctors i got it to increase libido but also to get more energy being very tired a lot of the time, im over 40 so the doc said ok. But now in 3 years i never done a blood test and when i been to doc because other reasons they question why I took testosterone, I don't look like a bodybuilder more skinny fat, so I said I wanna f**k my wife a bit straight to shut her up. Cause I hate being questioned by a doctor who don't know s**t about me and especially not about testosterone since its a bit tabu. So now i have to fix this, is there any way without Ai ? I am 194 pounds and I should be closer 160 pounds consider my body. I'm a bit over 6 feet. Is it true my fat also converts to estrogen making it harder to lose weight and interact with testosterone in a negative way? So if my estrogen is high and get high when it spikes how can i counter it? I asume when my fat is lower i will feel better and also be easier to gain muscle and not gain fat?