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  1. HGH

    Thanks for the insight mate, that’s really interesting stuff! Out of interest, what vitamin protocol did you follow?
  2. Supermarket delivery driver

    I know a guy who’s doing exactly this, not sure about the rules around it and stuff, but it’s definitely being done. If I weren’t a key worker and I was furloughed I’d certainly try.
  3. Supermarket delivery driver

    If all you’ve ever known is work then that’s your mindset for life. Ive never turned my nose up at any kind of work. I agree, rather shovel s**t than allow someone else to support my family
  4. I did a B&C a few years back which only lasted 2 years, but because I didn’t do it properly or have regular bloods from the start and not minimising other risk factors (being young and stupid and all) I had massively raised RBC & haematocrit and lipids were all out, so I came off and let my body ‘reset’ In hindsight I should never have been doing it that way as I didn’t know enough about what I was doing to do things safely. Few years on, and reading all the interesting content from guys in here (like yourself) I’ve learned a great deal and I feel like I’d be in a much better position to do this safely. Also being conscious of minimising other risk factors with healthy lifestyle, proper supplementation etc Yeah mate Italian dad & English mum; I have dual UK/IT nationality, so guess I can say I’m still in the EU lol
  5. Thanks for sharing your experience mate. Im kind of on the fence about starting B&C again, so I for one found this very interesting and useful, thank you
  6. My wife says exactly the same thing, was off for 2 yrs and she wanted me to go back on for this same reason
  7. Ovitrelle mix with water for Injection

    I know it’s not best practice but I often use sterile water not bac water, as I managed to get a load for free. I prepare prefilled syringes in a sterile environment and keep them in a ssealed container (sterilised also) in the fridge. If you can get hold of bac water you’d be safer with that tho. I’ve never had an issue tho.
  8. Cycle advice during lockdown

    Ah ok cool, I’ve never heard of that before so thanks for letting me know
  9. Cycle advice during lockdown

    Hi mate, what’s an over the counter AI???
  10. Recomendation for a 2nd PTC

    This is just my opinion, I have learnt from people on here far more knowledgable than me, and I’m perfectly open to being corrected if anyone disagrees with me. A decent Endo should be able to help you with this and go thru the options with you. I would just pay and go privately, things will happen far more quickly. As soon as you mention AAS NHS GPS/Endos aren’t interested (just my experience). It’s seems that you are suffering secondary hypogonadism, and we can tell this because you have low free & total T but inappropriately normal Gonadotropins (LH/FSH) Personally, for an attempt at recovery, I would try a power PCT, consisting of: 2000iu HCG EOD 16 days 50mg clomid 30 days 20mg Nolvadex 45 days Then you’d have to just give it time, have blood tests monthly to see if it’s working. The alternative would be to run a cruise dose test, aiming for a total T of between 20-30 nmol/ml. I have achieved this before with 125mg test E every 10 days, but we are all different, it’s something you’d have to keep track of closely and alter if required. There will be a kind of threshold T level which will resolve your symptoms, and below this (or above) will cause problems. For me, it’s about 23 nmol/ml, but like before, we are all different. The drawbacks of a cruise would be reduced fertility (which may or may not be important to you) and increased RBC count & haematocrit. These would both need to be monitored carefully with Full Blood Count (FBC) blood tests, as if they get too high and left unchecked can increase risk of heart attack and stroke. Before doing your next cycle, I’d have a read of swoll trolls guide to PCT on here, it certainly helped me a lot. I couldn’t help but notice that you were running Eq, a long acting ester with an active life of 21 days, but starting PCT immediately as your cycle ended. Each compound is different, but it’s important that PCT does not before the active life has ended, so for Eq, PCT should start no sooner than 21 days after the last shot (while running HCG until 3 days before PCT start) Again, it’s just my humble opinion, and I’m perfectly happy to learn from others if they feel I’m wrong! All the best mate
  11. Do you think it will be the same for The Gym group gyms in London as well? Its weird to think how different things are gonna be after all this...
  12. Yeah I saw some insane deals for commercial kit on eBay, if I had more space I would’ve snapped it up in a heartbeat!
  13. Any of you out clapping tonight? Not me.

    I disagree, yeah there’s risk of catching an infectious disease, but covid-19 is different. It’s a respiratory illness like nothing seen for a generation; 5 days worth of a pneumonia symptoms condensed into a few hours. At times all we can do with all of our 21st century knowledge and equipment is watch and hope. So if you think I’m daft, that’s ok, I can live with that. You’re entitled to your opinion, as I am to mine