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  1. Looking perhaps a bit flatter

    no problem, enjoy your holiday!
  2. Looking perhaps a bit flatter

    hi mv, I think I replied to another post of yours in which you were concerned about fat gain. I can appreciate that you have lost body fat and my be concerned about regaining it and undoing all your hard work, however...you must pick a goal and go with it until it is complete. be that leaning out or bulking up. if you plan on building muscle I just don't see how 1800 cals would be enough. I say pick a goal and say screw it, I am seeing this through until the end and then reassess. give yourself time though, if you're gonna cut, give it a few months. gonna bulk? give it atleast 4-6 months (numbers plucked randomly from thin air) good luck mate
  3. Weight gain question

    hi mv owner, some great answers to your post already. I would just like to add that being in a caloric surplus, or bulking as its also known, is as much a psychological battle as it is a physical one. you seem concerned about the jeans situation, which is understandable. but you just have to trust in the process...and maybe buy bigger jeans. as above, give it more time, build more muscle and worry about the fat later. and as a plus, as I understand it, more muscle means more calories burnt doing diddly squat, so much easier to cut in the long run good luck ps...in the bulk we trust
  4. Would like to gain weight

    what kind of weight are you looking to gain?? you know the answer..eat, eat then eat some more, you will gain weight. if you do not gain weight using this instinctual method of eating, then you need to start counting calories. aim for a specific amount of calories each day, if this does not help you gain, simply up the calories by a few hundred. but hey, if you want to also gain some muscle, look up a muscle building routine, prioritise protein and get jacked!!!