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  1. What pins and size to use?

    Will be injecting in the cheeks for first time, then depending on how sore it gets have been advised to mix it up as sus can be slightly painful? Either way I have some fat but nothing substantial and will ensure I am prepped with everything ready to cycle before hand. Thanks to you all for the advice it is greatly appreciated and hopefully will lead me on the path to chase the perfection we all know doesn't actually exist!
  2. OK so I'm new to the steroid scene, been in the gym a couple years doing well went on a bender over Christmas put some weight back akc on etc and had like 2months off... Started back up and back to the old routine and strength seems fairly good but aches are terrible. Now I have test sus 250 and dbol with nolva for pct however I was wondering if you can point me in the right direction with pins and what's the best to use? Thanks in advance!
  3. WelshMann saying hi

    Hey everyone names josh I'm 29 from South Wales UK, New to the body building world and looking to take the next step to get serious. Look forward to some discussion and advice from you guys.