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  1. Thats it, that mouth aint even getting any more from me, go suck your mum, mouthy lowlife, thinks he is boris johnson fukin helmet
  2. Pull your tongue out of his arse ffs
  3. Well it aint my fault! I dident grow corona out of my arse now did i derek!
  4. Can we still send parcels?

    Sure you do! you would be needed and not on this site giving out petty insults. regards to spelling, that really shows how sad you are, if i was looking for or gave a f**k about spelling i would go to a dictionary
  5. Right ok so them giving us all these stats are probably fuking useless! I get your point. Blame the government for giving pointless stats not me!
  6. Can we still send parcels?

    Your pat! Pat the little rat. Just stop trying to think you know everyone on this forum, all you know is a bunch of usernames so please just please for the sake of your life do something worthwhile like work for the nhs or something!
  7. Danny you nearly just nearly continued your polite comments/posts on this forum until your last sentence, out of character, dont follow others, continue to be yourself. the thread wasn't the best of subjects, it was just a thought and i guess some reassurance which people have given
  8. Well if thats the case hopefully they will drop the prices lol
  9. Can we still send parcels?

    Get a life pat, u ever off this fuking forum lol
  10. So the guys who are calculating these stats are either way behind schedule or the lockdown has made coronavirus worst WTF have the government got to say about that?
  11. Can we still send parcels?

    U think u know every1 on this site you melt man! You have probably never met anyone apart from sucking there dick, batty boy
  12. The feeling you have after a poo

    The only thing you would be bumming is the end of my knuckles u queer fuk
  13. Your calling 5star a scammer And giving him a bad name! 5star dont have that mate!!
  14. Can we still send parcels?

    Keep on wid ya mouth glen and il upload all your social media pics, screen shot the lot so no need to delete
  15. Hello all

    This fella being one of them! Stop speaking to every new person, seriously come across as some sneaky peodo slimeing his way in