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  1. Betting is a mugs game i agree... i asked where they get there football stats from not if gambling was a good idea!!
  2. Well... i tracked my bet and its coming up as it won so it fu**ing better of! By the time i get to the shop it would have changed probably, there shouldn't be such a dodgy stat system when your betting big bucks!! Ladbrokes website: own goal Ladbrokes track bet: fernando sky sports: fernando livescore: fernando as for the bellend above me, i done about 6 accumulators of 50p each, total £3, and the odds which should be won is 329/1
  3. Not yet! Iv had first scorers change even the next day in the past! Thats why i wanted to know who does the decisions! looked on ladbrokes site and theyve put it as an own goal! Would u believe it...
  4. Whos watching the man u game? a bit early days but if liverpool win 4-2 i should win £150 from a 50p bet, it was a accumulator including fernandes scoring first which is matter of debate!!
  5. Best deals on protein powder atm?

    Preferably isolate, £50 for 5kg max or il wait until it is, im in no rush... stackable code could also be useful as wouldn't mind a few other goodies while im there
  6. Who's good with yahoo mail error!!!

    Already said the sent email comes up as blank just like it sent to my inbox, wasent shoulder but yes im on my feet, only been 2.5 weeks, got atleast another month of no exercise. p.s i thought admin were going down hard on fake accounts? Anyone with one eye can see you are psevens2017
  7. So been saving loads of tattoo images to my drafts in yahoo mail (sky email) ready for someday when i want to give to a artist to explain my style and what i want, been saving these up for about a year... i wanted to print some off today so i emailed myself all the images but it just emailed me a blank email!!! Now iv lost all the fu**ing images!!!! Im left with a empty email in inbox/empty email in sent and now no draft... every now and again the draft would take ages to open probably because the s**t email couldn't handle a few images!! There was probably about 7 photos, some of which i edited and spent hours changing. anyway i can get these back??? It happen about 3 hours ago and i literally have the feeling of waking up at 3pm on a 6am start
  8. Who knows about car MOT’s?

    I know someone who knows someone dodgy man
  9. Who knows about car MOT’s?

    f**k me they wouldent just right it clearly would they. First bit says you cant drive it if it has a major fault then the next bit says you can drive it if the old mot is still in date As it was road worthy when it passed
  10. How covid getting on regarding gyms?

    Not so bad when its a fit birds camel toe sweat mark
  11. Mine runs out in about 4 months, there is something clearing wrong with my car and was just wondering if i do a early mot (say next week) will this void my current passed mot? i can get the mot cheap so thought it would be good todo just to find out whats wrong with it but not if its going to effect my current passed mot??
  12. Cant use the gym due to a operation for the last week or so and still got atleast a month of no exercise to go so no point really being on here talking about exercise but was wondering if much has changed yet? Anything rising? have a feeling when i can use the gym again they will probably be closed again, normally nothing would hold me back going gym but i seriously cant do much for atleast a month, even walking is a struggle and closing a car door feels like pushing a 100kg db, the operation will be a waste of time if i do anything, i think when i can finally walk without too much pain my first part of rehab/exercise will be a long walk. iv also been on a waiting list to have my wisdom teeth out so got that in the pipeline too but would imagine that wouldn't effect the gym
  13. derek chauvin Is going...

    Well this post soon died out after the jury looking back, surely anyone with a brain cell would have told me “hes not going to frankland or wakfield because hes not in the uk” loool i must only have 1 brain cell for asking that so the rest of ukmuscle must have no brain cells for not realising it
  14. Post op

    It was alright but my pain rating wasn't going down so they used some fentanyl, that hit the spot, in all seriousness i was in pain though!
  15. Post op

    Well iv been told strictly no exercise for over two months... wtf am i gonna do with my life.. some humour about having a op, who tries the 9/10 pain rating jobby? just woke up from your anaesthetic and the hospital staff says whats the rating of your pain? I look to my right and there is a table full of medications and syringes so i reply about a 9/10 so they fill them up and pump em in me, they say what about now “whilst still looking to my right” ah defiantly still about an 8 so fill em up