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  1. Sure, dont mind if i sign up with your card details yeh?
  2. Look who it is if it aint! The old warning guy! Said a few naughty words and he gave me -3 points per letter!!!
  3. What happen to the protein muffins?

    U wont get many gains from that mate, your better off getting a half ducks down the old chinese
  4. Awaiting operations on what some would call “routine” even though it all hurts every day. i knew i would get some satisfaction of not clapping for the nhs few months back, its not the nhs that deserves claps, it is the government who deserves sacking so the nhs wouldn't be in this situation. as for that nhs bloke who appears on press conferences once in a while by god i now know why the nhs has always lacked, he is an absolute moron who should be probably be just below the government in the firing line
  5. Attention lazy bastards

    Clearly coming from someone who has a home gym if i had one id be saying the same
  6. Them bad boys were well nice, can understand myprotein stop selling products every other week but dont see them about much these days
  7. Really missing the fu**ing gym now!!

    Some of these replies are thick as kingsmill, most are saying this because they have a large flat/house, i live in a studio flat with no space for anything, im a strength trainer so going down the park todo 50 press ups aint going todo s**t
  8. PCT hcg calculation

    Instead of people mouthing off why dont you back up your reason for disagreeing, that is if you even have any back up.
  9. Really missing the fu**ing gym now!!

    Mate im not even going there again, only got a studio flat with no room, the gym is the only place for me really, everything fits in place, i take it seriously there, i lift heavy, normally always up to my pb, this keeps me on track and the motivation continues, trust me if i had a spare room or house i would have a gym by now
  10. TRUMPS fate

    Who would have thought. someone running the country is now causing people to die from riots, and to be honest i think hes really enjoying it, always knew he was a wrongin
  11. Just when i was getting somewhere! Started test and tren, was only 5kg off my all time pb on most exercises, managed to quit booze, then the lockdown happen!!! been riding my bike since but getting really sick of this s**t, i hate cardio! Repping weights is my only satisfaction in life, its the only thing that keeps me going, now iv come off gear (when i was on a roll) and missing my daily pump!! So hard getting back into lifting again when you have stopped for so long, i actually hate boris and think he's a fu**ing pr**k, his job is to run the world when he is destroying it.
  12. Cant seem to find this anywhere! Iv seen the becky watts episode but thats it... WHERE TO WATCH!!
  13. Cant stand tattooists, not my cup of teaaaa, plenty of vids on youtube but not really specific to my question, presume its basic stuff that isent that specific and just a rough guide as they are hardly engineers in there work
  14. When looking at a stencil its so confusing, i dont get what parts suppose to be shading, solid colours, light shading, left untouched.. i know people look at the actual photo while tattooing but that is only for reference, need to suss a stencil out for example the following picture, the lines on that stencil make no sense and doesn't seem to match up with the photo?
  15. Coconut water

    Think there are some benefits from it cant remember what though, luckily it was a freebe from myprotein