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  1. DW Fitness Gyms in Administration

    Dident they say something about them owning the gym group also?
  2. Sage advise Gyms close again

    Hey man if you have been following my content you would know im the last person to give a f**k about the gym being open now, although i will be trying again at some point, gyms closing have Already done there damage which im struggling to even start again
  3. Cheapest newest cars?

    Blokes always have more money than women? Gender racist
  4. Cheapest newest cars?

    You know your cars bud but to me they look more suitable for women
  5. Cheapest newest cars?

    Yeh man but ain't nobody going to pay more than £100 for a 200k milage lol Unless it has a fake 1 year mot which i have been able to get in the past with the right connections
  6. Cheapest newest cars?

    That was nearly more useful than your love island help jokes
  7. Cheapest newest cars?

    Thats it mate, same models always pop up lol, i like the cheap tax ec for the corsa but iv never really had a car below a 1.6, i need it to be at least a little nippy, the corsa is the dogs bollox when your 18, im 30 now
  8. Cheapest newest cars?

    Im after a car for around a grand give or take, anyone know new models that go for cheap? I know the astra at 2008 is around a grand, any others? Or even newer?
  9. I took a beating today

    Sounds like a cat fight to me, you should be banging them trans not fighting them!
  10. I took a beating today

    Na mate, you were making a joke about it, iv had a few beatings say 3/50 and i wasn't joking afterwards. Broken jaw, fractured eye socket and a cracked skull, Was no laughing matter
  11. I took a beating today

    I have a feeling this is a joke or trolling, who gets beat up by some drunk construction workers? Laughing about it yourself just increases the construction hard men clout not meany people who get beat up laugh about it unless they have superficial wounds hence probably wouldn't be classed as beat up lol
  12. I took a beating today

    Unless your black “which i would think you arent going by your profile pic” Wtf you must of been pissed or on something... i bet you thought it was your “mates” tranny friends lol and was just trying to Get your name out there
  13. So many people have the time to show there gay emojis but not comment, jog on six packers who only have a six pack because they starved therefore through lockdown trying make out they have been training for the last 10years Lol
  14. You might want to reread the title
  15. Lol, if i wear a jumper and snood i just look like a tank So can pull it off