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  1. That was so funny i forgot to laugh
  2. Has anyone seen this? Apart from gerald cavlan i cant find any information on what happen to paul dunkel or robert gonzalas? What punishment did they get? paul dunkel is still breeding pitbulls, all you have todo is search dunkel kennels! wtf is going on? Surely the documentary wasent fake, confused, they need hanging on a wall by nails Through there hands and feet.
  3. Best & worst flavour protein

    Myproteins new swizzels edition, all 4 flavours are incredible and clearly high quality
  4. Hallucinating from vape

    More like women are all Mind messing psychopaths If you dont mind me saying lol, i am all for a good bit of minge but the head f**ks that come with it literally i could go a year without it and be content
  5. June 13th

    Blood will boil...
  6. Hallucinating from vape

    111 no doubt they will say you should go to hospital been vaping for around 5 years and never had that, u sure it was the vape lol
  7. Yeh i get that but iv been at same gym for years with a lean gains rep, i walk in like this and my reputation goes right out the window
  8. Lol! Hey we not all perfect, a couple of weeks of fasting and no booze prior gym opening will make this extra 2 stone feel like pure gains
  9. Thanks for genuine response, i do ride really fast as its my only type of exercise so need to make it count! i looked online and apparently when your balls are cold your ball sack shrivels up To maintain temperature and when they are hot it does the Opposite saggy ball bag, not sure if this is true or not
  10. Everytime i ride my bike my balls are tight as a nuns arse getting a bit paranoid thinking its either riding a bike is making them cold hence tight sack or its all the beers i have been drinking or my last blast about 6 months ago have f**ked me up?! havent touched any steds for 6 months getting concerned as this has been going on for months now, ball bag tight and tbh it makes me dick feel and look smaller. i know this thread should probably be on paranoia.com but am seriously getting concerned!
  11. Im hopeful for july but do you think they will announce it a couple weeks before so we can get prepared? Iv put on around 2 stone of pure fat but will only start taking life seriously again until i know for certain i can start training again. i think boris done the last easing about two weeks prior to changes but cant remember, would be good to know.
  12. 45% off everything on myprotein

    This sounds abit like muscle food “ buy 1 for £1 or buy 10 for £15” lol! Doesent bulk buy suppose to be a discount, thick as s**t
  13. Penis Reduction Operation

    Save your money mate and just crank up the gear it shall shrivel up into a peanut in no time
  14. 45% off everything on myprotein

    Yeh so they keep emailing me! Its being going on for days yet they keep reminding me like its something new and special...
  15. At-least Boris is making gains!

    Yep thats me what a lean machine