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    Shortbutstrong reacted to drwae in Tempted to invest in something but no idea how   
    Buy 100g of cocaine for £4k, bulk it up to 150g with benzocaine and sell grams for £80
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    Shortbutstrong reacted to lancs_lad in Running   
    Only time I swap sides to traffic behind is on long sweeping blind bends. 
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    Shortbutstrong got a reaction from monkeybiker in Running   
    I have a few routes it’s only the one route I need to use the actual road and not the pavement! when the grass has been cut I can use the verge to run on but much prefer running on hard surface. Nice to mix runs up I get bored doing the same routes. 
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    Shortbutstrong got a reaction from PSevens2017 in Making boxing safer   
    The gloves are there to protect your hands not opponents 
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    Shortbutstrong reacted to sean m in Making boxing safer   
    I've done semi contact( full body contact and  softer piont scoring head strikes ) and   full contact    kickboxing  .
    There is no comparison to the excitement of standing toe to toe and looking in the eyes of someone who is about to try to knock you out while you try to knock him out. 
    Points fights just feel like sparing / training not the real thing. 
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    Shortbutstrong reacted to Fattynomore in Making boxing safer   
    So boring as fcuk, sorry but I want to see knock outs, worried about your health don't get in the ring, it's that simple. 
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    Shortbutstrong reacted to Clubber Lang in Making boxing safer   
    well thats not boxing then is it.
    thats like turning rugby into a non contact sport.
    know the risks before doing it and make your own decision, then crack on.
    no KO in boxing, ffs. 
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    Shortbutstrong got a reaction from Darrenh209 in Who else is missing the gym?   
    I just can’t wait to get back to it all got a gym at home I’ve built but you can’t compare it to the atmosphere and sparring available in the proper gym 
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    Shortbutstrong got a reaction from Paul45 in Cv-19 when will it pass   
    When do you think the corona virus passes and we go back to normal ?with the look at Italy Spain and others in Europe I think it’s all summer poissibly rest of the year. Friend of mine says come may well have forgotten all about it. 
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    Shortbutstrong got a reaction from EpicSquats in Aliens   
    They will take me home with them to there planet, where they have gyms that are open and boxing then hopefully. 
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    Shortbutstrong got a reaction from Lancashiregent in Coronavirus financial fallout?   
    Buy gold