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  1. Tempted to invest in something but no idea how

    It was when I last touched it nearly three years ago, you had the standard stuff for £40 or the premium for £80 stuff is a mugs game anyway, couldn’t care if it was £10 a gram still wouldn’t touch it again.
  2. Running

    I have a few routes it’s only the one route I need to use the actual road and not the pavement! when the grass has been cut I can use the verge to run on but much prefer running on hard surface. Nice to mix runs up I get bored doing the same routes.
  3. Running

    Seems everyone is running during lockdown something I’ve done long before lockdown, had another runner tell me I shouldn’t be running on the road (with no pavement) facing the oncoming traffic and that you should run with the traffic coming Behind you, that seems stupid to me. As better to see what’s coming your way so as you have time to jump in the hedge or what ever if needed. What’s everyone else’s view?
  4. Mike tyson

    On the fence I am, wouldn’t mind what he does he’s achieved everything he possibly could in the ring Had nothing to prove.If he wants to return it’s up to him and wish him all the best
  5. Reoccurring injuries ###$#

    Yes rotator cuff right side, always causing me grief.
  6. Fishing

    No not heavy but I crawl through a few gaps in the hedges I’ve worn away over time while walking through, just stop the line getting tangled in the hedges etc
  7. Fishing

    Telescopic Mainly to fit into a backpack while walking to the lake. I have a really good shimano reel to fit to it also.
  8. Fishing

    Is there anyone here into fishing that could please help me out, all I want is a telescopic rod suitable for a bit of course fishing on a private lake I have access to fish across the farmland from my home. Where can I buy one and which is the best to use, has been a few years since I last fished and had one before but have misplaced it, would quite fancy a few hours on my own now the weathers nice and lake so easy to access.
  9. Making boxing safer

    The gloves are there to protect your hands not opponents
  10. Making boxing safer

    Yeah The headguard's do not stop concussions or knockouts unfortunately, Lots of people think they do however. Fine with amateur boxers wearing headgear but not pros.
  11. Making boxing safer

    Who here actively boxes or has boxing experience out of interest ? I would personally keep it the way it is, love boxing myself and getting a KO is very satisfying both fighters are fully aware of the dangers. Have been victim to a soft stoppage myself when referee thought I was hurt when I wasn’t.
  12. Who else is missing the gym?

    I just can’t wait to get back to it all got a gym at home I’ve built but you can’t compare it to the atmosphere and sparring available in the proper gym
  13. Who else is missing the gym?

    Yes built a home gym but just isn’t the same
  14. Aliens

    They will take me home with them to there planet, where they have gyms that are open and boxing then hopefully.
  15. Cv-19 when will it pass

    I’m hoping it’s done and dusted soon want to go back to what I love! Staying in and cooperating with the government via lockdown, if everyone else does the same it can all pass as as quickly as possible hopefully.