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  1. Ordering some gear and thinking about getting this for the end of my cycle ... how bad is the hair loss say using 300mg per week? Does it affect everyone’s hair or just some people?
  2. Deca?

    Do you spread that over 2 injections or just one? last time I was take 300mg over 2 injections but the more I read I see that some people just take it all in one go.
  3. Deca?

    Ok thanks.. can pick the blend up today and wanting go to 300mg a week so I’ll go for that.
  4. Deca?

    Going back on another deca cycle ... can’t decide which one to go for. Have currently used the yellow deca 250 and liked it .. but heard good reports on the blend 300. Anyone used this and would recommend one over the other?
  5. Appreciate the response. Yes I’m not going to be going over 200mg of tren. Was thinking of just doing 1ml of test along with the test as that should be plenty. Yea exactly im going to be going down the tren route at some stage so why not try it now to see how I get on. Thanks ????
  6. I stated from the very start I’m still learning why not give the exact product when discussing dosage? Your a tool and just on here yapping cause you’ve nothing better to do. thanks I will post a pic come June just for you
  7. Should have asked what the goal was then instead of asking them stupid irrelevant questions hahaha
  8. So why couldn’t you of just answered the “so basic”question and give your thought on the dose instead of going on a rant? yes shouldn’t have bothered at all. and of course it’s legit only a fool wouldn’t check the code online
  9. Whats the reason for being nowhere near ready?
  10. No point answering them ..them other factors are trail & error ... everyone is different. & you pretty much asked the same question 4 times ?? I came and asked a basic question ? have you even run keifei or know anything about it?
  11. I’ve been training 9 years mate and competed in a few natty shows so I know how to train and diet. yes I want to try tren and be sensible about the dosage of test with it but if you can’t answer the question no point commenting... also I joined this group to try and learn, get more knowledge of steroids not to get blabbed at ??
  12. Wanted to run 200mg of tren People have been telling me to take 1ml then some people saying 2ml although I came here for advice and to see what people’s thought on the dose for test would be. yes estrogen control sorted ...
  13. Alright folks new to this forum and a lot of learning to do regarding steroids. Starting my second cycle soon and I’m wanting to try tren. My question is how much keifei 325 should I be taking along with it each week? Is 1ml a week plenty? Too much?