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  1. Wtf Of course that not what I’m saying. I’ve no idea what impact trt has on covid19. You’ve managed to draw a conclusion the exact opposite of what I’ve said.
  2. How long you recon?

    Their foundation is just deception apparently.
  3. How long you recon?

    This is the sum total of fck all. Laughable.
  4. You do realise you’re asking about my qualifications to disprove your theories; theories which you’re in no way qualified to give? Have you any idea how ridiculous this is? Thats the beauty or luxury internet/armchair doctors like yourself have. You advance whatever unqualified theory you like, then you sit back and say to the world: who are you to say I am wrong? So in short, I can’t answer your question, it makes no sense.
  5. UK-M Coronavirus Experts

    ‘Bell piece‘ I’m borrowing that one.
  6. You said worrying about your testosterone levels is probably the best thing you can do to combat COVID19. You have absolutely no idea how to combat this virus. You're not medically or scientifically qualified to make such statements. None of us in here are. In that sense, yes, you invited my snarky comment. The rambling lectures on how pharma works are also unnecessary. Also, doctors can and do prescribe outside BNF guidelines (off license) if there is clinical justification. This for example is a fairly routine occurrence particularly in the treatment of severe and enduring mental disorders. No, I'm not a clinician, but it's something I've witnessed firsthand professionally.
  7. How long you recon?

    UN Agenda 2030 right here: https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/post2015/transformingourworld Please point out the sections I should be concerned about and why?
  8. How long you recon?

    https://www.gatesfoundation.org/ If you’re right wylde mate, Bill and Melinda are doing a bloody good job of covering their tracks fella.
  9. I think you should share your findings with the Chief Medical Officer for England. No doubt he’ll be pleased to hear about your treatment formulation.
  10. Npp or deca

    Ok cool
  11. Npp or deca

    Which ester test is best to run with npp, test prop?
  12. Ah sarcasm. I'm receptive alright, but what exactly is it that you've said that's so illuminating? Also, I dont need to say anything because I'm not the one making non-falsifiable claims. You are mate. Where's your hard evidence?
  13. I have degrees in international politics and history. What do you have?
  14. So when exactly did you become an expert on american and chinese bioweapons facilities, international geo-politics, viral epidemiology, drugs legislation, behavioural psychology while also being privvy to high-level government intelligence? It's a rhetorical question, but I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this.