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  1. Because I am a busy woman with s**t to do and I don’t enjoy cooking? Also I can afford it so why not? They do a balance range. I could always go for that.
  2. Hello all I’m new to this. I’m 5”3 and around 9/9.5 stone. I have recently started training 2x a week with a PT and getting up in mornings 3x a week to do some cardio where I’m burning Around 400 calories . I use a meal prep service (Their lean range with meals ranging from 300-400 cals) I get a good high protein breakfast, lunch and dinner . Problem is when I get hungry in between and also when I’m stressed I just end up ordering take aways , binging and eating rubbish snacks like crisps etc. Please help me as I’m at a loss ! I just need some healthy quick go to snacks for times I just feel absolutely starving so I don’t just think sod it and binge!! ? This is such an issue and is in the way of me quite frankly getting my summer body!! Thanks ?