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  1. Deca?

  2. Dbol

    As I said I didn’t see anything about rohm Dbol being g2g.. lot of things I’ve read on here is that some labs injectables are top class but orals aren’t great. I’m no expert and don’t claim to be! Research my own cycle .. why do you think I’m asking if it’s g2g LOL I’m wanting advice from people that’s used it before don’t see what the big deal is. Simple questions wanting a simple answer ... would of saved time if you of replied yes in the first thread it’s alright I’ll forgive you
  3. Dbol

    I had already searched the thread and the question about rohm Dbol I couldn’t find. would of been handier if you had of just wrote that reply lol .. instead of me creating this post but appreciate the feedback guys cheers
  4. Dbol

    Couldn’t find much on here about Rohm d-Bol ... just wondering if it’s g2g? Or what lab would you recommend cheers
  5. Gym re-openings

    Which lab for dbol? Thinking of getting rohm has anyone used their dbol before?
  6. Rohm tren

    Alright bud it’s a mix of tren a,e & hex
  7. Just wondering if this looks g2g? never used this brand before also what’s your take on tri tren vs tren a / e ? cheers
  8. Starting a 10/12 week cut soon I’m thinking test and maybe NPP (never tried this before but got good results with deca) with some var for the last 4-6 weeks .. Iknow you can cut on only test but I’m interested in hearing your favourite cutting cycle?
  9. NPP

    Cheers folk appreciate the info! Have read into it and deffo going to give it a bash. Regarding labs which would be your choice?
  10. NPP

    Cheers for the reply I used deca before for 12 weeks and got good gains from it. when you were using npp was it for cutting or bulking and does it hold water weight like decca? Cheers
  11. Where did I say it was fake?.. if you acc read the post I have stated that the codes checked out
  12. NPP

    Don’t know much about this yet, going to do some research.. Although interested in hearing peoples experience with it. How did you find results using Npp? what was the side effects like? how long would you usually run it & at what doseage? all Info regarding this drug would be appreciated (any useful links drop them under this post) cheers
  13. I must be. Fake keifei? What are you talking about? Idiot.
  14. Codes checked out I’ve ran keifei 3 time’s and have only used this lab so I do like their test... all I’m saying is I don’t feel anything from the tren as I know what a test only and test and deca cycle feel like and tren being tren is suppose to be the best ... I can honestly say I got more from deca. rohm has been ordered so hopefully better luck with that. cheers
  15. Thinking of going ahead with these what do you think?