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  1. Dimensions Labs Test E 250mg. 1ml every 3 days. So roughly 580mg/wk
  2. Hi buddy, going of swole troll and stuey’s advice I took an AI (Adex). 1mg Sunday, 0.5mg Mon and 0.5mg again today. Starting to feel better but still have some anx moments where I feel very worked up an irritable. Sunday I was about ready to explode, depression, anger, but very lethargic, the lot so I needed to try something, there’s no way I could have continued how I was. I would have rather come of, and I’m not normally effected by mental health or anything like that, so this way very unusual and bad for me. If I can’t control with Adex, I will just drop it all together. As another 9 weeks feeling like I was is not worth the gains. Sounds extreme but it really was a bad experience.
  3. Controlling E2... It's actually a little difficult

    Thanks @swole troll, I’m 5 weeks into my cycle now of 580mg/wk Test E. Bloods came back yesterday: Test pre cycle: 18nmol/L Test now: 235nmol/L Oestradoil pre cycle: 65pmol/L Oestradoil now: 210pmol/L (Other numbers below) Im feeling very irritable and tiered, so took yesterday of training and today also. Starting to feel slightly better. I’ve taken no Armidex since Sunday, I had lowered to 0.25mg E3D. But thought I had clear signs of Low E2. My results show otherwise? Still confused what I should be aiming at for E2 levels, I haven’t wanted sex in 10 days, hence I removed the AI. Im slightly concerned that my E2 was day at 210 on Monday, and I haven’t touched an AI since. Today being Friday I’m sure it’s still going up? Is this ok? No acne, no water bloat, dry lips and skin has settled. Just waiting for libedo to come back and anxious feeling to go away.
  4. @stuey99, went to PM you but think your inbox is unfortunately full! Thanks for the response to my post. Been looking through a few other posts to see what sort of Test levels people are getting from 500-600mg of Test E. Looks like either I have really good gear or metabolise test well, as I’m getting a 235nmol/l on my bloods, which seems to be higher then most! Is there amount that’s too high? For my 1st cycle a few years ago. I only ran 350mg of Test E and I felt amazing, but back then, I never took an AI. This time round I’ve tried to just because I knew I was taking more and last time round from pictures, I had bad acne, bad moon face and was very water retained... could have been s**t diet & alcohol though. This time round my diet has been on point and I haven’t touched alcohol at all this year. I’m gunna stay off the AI like you stated and hope my mood improves but just wanted your thoughts on the Test level and my oestrodoil results of 210pmol/L. Im guessing my oestrodoil has continued to rise past 210pmol/L as I took 0.25 Adex Sunday, did the bloods Monday morning and haven’t had any since. I could do another Test next week? But I don’t know what figure is ‘too high’. It’s really hard to figure out if the symptoms I get are from too much or too low E2. All I know is, I don’t want to feel this poo much longer, I love training and right now, it’s kind of ruining it for me! I’ve been training for 12 years, and was quite competitive in CrossFit in the UK before I moved back bodybuilding, so I only ask questions when I’ve really needed the advice, hence the explicit detail in my OP. Thanks again, hoping I wake up tomorrow feeling a little bit better! The last week has been tough mentally!
  5. Dimension Test E 250

    Will add this to the original first post too - 4 weeks 4 days in to cycle and got blood work done. Test is up from 18 to 235 nmol/L. Running 580mg/wk. (250mg E3D) Can confirm Dimensions Labs is G2G Hopefully this helps anyone in the future asking!
  6. Thanks buddy. I will stop the AI for another 3 or 4 days and assess from there. But as you can see I did my bloods Monday & my estrogen is up to 210pnom/l. When naturally before cycle it sat around 60-70. Should I be allowing for a higher E2 whilst my test is so high? Or should I be aiming for the same E2 pre cycle ? Kind of confused why people say to get bloods mid cycle, it I don’t do anything with the numbers?
  7. There was a window of about a week where we were at it everyday. This was possibly the 2nd and 3rd week. But obviously I stopped taking it for a few days and it was still early cycle so my Test was on the rise. The last time we had sex was over a week ago. And every time I’ve felt lethargic or tiered I’ve reduced the does again, or added an extra day between doses. With my bloods coming back I was hoping it would paint a picture of whether I should continue AI or reduce more. Does it rebound fairly quickly on Adex? I could move to 0.25mg twice a week or E4D for now? Either that or lower my test dosages? I didn’t know if maybe I was just responding bad to high amounts of test (for me)
  8. Sorry mate, I’ve edited the post now! It posted before I had a chance to finish! See the post now Thankyou!
  9. Hi guys, I’m looking for some help to better my mood on cycle. I’m at the end of week 5 today, and I am super agitated, can barely relax, am tiered all the time and am arguing with my partner no end. My sex drive has all but vanished, when during the first 3 weeks we were at it all the time. I’m losing the love for training and about ready to come of the test because i feel awful. Im currently on 2750cals a day (40P/30C/30F) so haven’t even cut calories that low. I train 5 times a week with 2 rest days, and some light active recovery when I feel good. The Cycle - Test E only I started running 250mg twice a week for weeks 1 - 3 (500mg/wk), but at the start of week 4, I changed this to 250mg E3D to make the injections more consistent in terms of days apart. So now at 580mg/wk. See below dates, amounts and blood pressure. I also inject HCG every day that I pin test, at the amounts shown below. Roughly 850iu/wk. My Armidex (AI) has been a bit all over the place as I think the first week I crashed my E2. I had dry skin, was very lethargic and had dandruff. I have since been reducing the amount of AI and the dandruff and dry skin have gone, but I am still very lethargic, and I have had no sex drive for the last 2 weeks. As you can see last time I had 0.25mg of Adex was on Sunday 26th April. I then got blood work done on Monday 27th April. My pre cycle blood work below was from 24 days before my cycle and mid cycle bloods were done 4 weeks 4 days into my current cycle. (Blood taken as advised - the morning/day after my injections and 0.25mg Adex) As you can see, the Test E is doing it’s job, I’ve gone from 18 to 235 nmol/l and free test is also up. My oestrodiol is also up, from 64.8 to 210 pmol/l. Which I am surprised about as I thought the reason I was so agitated, moody & lacked sex drive was because I still had low E2. Aparently not the case. So please help! Why do I feel so s**t!? And what should I do? Take some rest days? Lower the amount of Test I’m on? Should I lower my estrogen back down? These results were from bloods on Monday. Today is Thursday and I haven’t taken any AI since Sunday? So 4 days no AI so far and since I had the bloods surely it’s only gone up? Looking for genuine help and not just crappy responses. I’ve tried to get all the info required. Really appreciate your views and experiences.
  10. HRV & Test

    I’m in the men’s fitness under 75kg category. Small frame, check my profile pics. I may not be huge but for my frame I wouldn’t say I’m doing bad. Quads and chest alright, just focusing on shoulders, hammies and arms at the moment. Only been on cycle just over a week! After the show, I’ll focus on adding some size, but I don’t want to strain to far from my fitness background
  11. HRV & Test

    Thanks for the detailed insight and response. I’m just very confused about it being as i am pretty fit, I’ve only recently in the last few months turned to BodyBuilding from competitive CrossFit (Top 150 UK) Only in March did I run a sub 1hr40 half marathon with no training runs, not to says that both of these are true tests of fitness, but I’m no coach potatoe and it paints a decent picture. Also I’m 74kg @ 5’ 9” so body fat isn’t an issue either. My food is pretty much on point being stuck at home, everything is fresh, fruit, veg and great quality meat. I eat little to no artificial/packet products or “crap” food. I have lowered my calorie intake over the last few weeks from 4000 to 3750 to 3500 and now currently at 3250 as I’m nearly 12 weeks out from my first show (although it will most likely be cancelled) but gunna keep going. Sleep wise, I wake up naturally everyday at 7am, and get more or less 8hours sleep. I couldn’t sleep anymore if I tried. It’s Saturday and I just naturally woke up at 6:45 today... Stress wise, works good, I WFH and have guaranteed income. A few issues to sort like cancelled holiday, stag do and potentially my wedding ? but it is what it is and I’m trying not to worry about it. I’m coming to the conclusion then that maybe I am doing to much? Maybe the bodybuilding is enough for me at the moment and doing CF style conditioning and morning 30min easy pace spin sessions is causing my recovery to be sh!t? I do always walk my dog 3 times a day in top of this too.... just confused as I find none of this taxing. I thought it was the introduction of the Test, but I’ll skip some conditioning and cardio over the next few days. Stick to the BB sessions and dog walks and re-evaluate from there. Again thanks for the great response, looks like I got some more learning to do!
  12. For the nerds out there..... So I use a Whoop band to track my sleep, daily strain and HRV. This helps me know when I can push a bit harder in workouts and also when to hold back. Since starting my cycle on Friday 27th March, the app is telling me my recovery is getting worse, even though I’m hitting pretty much optimal sleep, and have been skipping a few conditioning sessions just to lower daily strain. My theory is that my HRV is going up due to the parasympathetic response my body is having to the introduction of test, stimulating a small fight or flight response and increasing cardiovascular load on my heart. Which i hope will even out as I get further into the cycle. Maybe utilising the Whoop band whilst in cycle is a bit pointless? Would be interested to know other people’s thoughts who have genuine knowledge on the subject. Along with the data below, my Resting Heart Rate has slowly crept up from 48-51. Recovery over last 2 weeks: HRV over last 2 weeks: Sleep over last 2 weeks:
  13. Dimension Test E 250

    Very good
  14. Dimension Test E 250

    To be fair the ulcers are just an annoyance and it’s the more feeling shitty that’s concerned me. I’m gunna take a rest day or two just incase and continue on course! I’ll up the iron just incase too.
  15. Buddy, I’m 27 and pretty fit and healthy. I have a Free Test - 0.303nmol/l. So I hope I can maintain that until I’m 43!