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  1. The PCT paradox.

    The anti estrogens are way more dangerous than the PHs
  2. 1500mgs test cyp per week, 1gram of eq, 100mgs of anadrol per day, 60mgs of winstrol. 19 weeks for the injectables,drol 5weeks at start,winny 6weeks to finish. Felt terrible by week 12or so but had a comp coming up so grinned and bared it. I was 31 at the time,no way would I do that now at 38, just too big a risk. Great strength gains, really struggled to make weight class,but won comp and made some great memories.
  3. Superdrol

    My brother used it, felt terrible at two tabs per day, grew like a weed, so legit but as nasty as ever
  4. I'm also try for life and use epistane for 5week cycles at 40mgs per day, or pmag at 105mgs per day, with 6weeks between cycles. Both excellent, epi tends to deal with any accumulated gyno flares, Pmag always makes me feel and look full, hard,with tremendous strength increases. I used to run a gram if test cyp per week, in 16 week cycles,with either bar or winny as a 4 week start and end, and can honestly say epi and Pmag are superior to those orals for me.
  5. Body conscious ostarine and cardarine were decent, pretty cheap also.