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  1. Stuffed Peppers

    Imagine I was 4 years old when this was posted, now i am 18
  2. people like you motivate me
  3. Jump of a bridge and do the world a favour
  4. If someone has been on TRT for 10 years could they still have a child with all the medications such as HCG, Clomid & rFSH?
  5. MK-677 For Wider Shoulders?

    Havent lifted in 2 months lost all the gains
  6. MK-677 For Wider Shoulders?

    not worked out in 2 months due to corona
  7. MK-677 For Wider Shoulders?

    i have a thick waist though do u mean synthol?
  8. MK-677 For Wider Shoulders?

    look how narrow i am there is no hope
  9. MK-677 For Wider Shoulders?

    Don't you think though if the clavicle keeps growing till 25 MK-677 would enhance the growth?
  10. MK-677 For Wider Shoulders?

    People keep telling me I have mental health issues about my body but I do not understand it? Im fine just want to be wider what is wrong with that?
  11. So as I am sure you all know MK-677 is a growth hormone secretagogue and at 25mg dosed daily has been shown to double growth hormone blood concentrations. As shown in the study below: Another study below shows the clavicle (shoulder bone) keeps growing until about the age of 25 albeit slowly. As we all know HGH has the potential to increase bone growth so my question is, If an 18 year old started taking MK-677 at 25mg/day would he get significantly increased clavicle growth and hence wider shoulders? If Yes how long would the person need to take it for? If an 18 and 6 month year old took it for 10 weeks at 20mg/day then 6 weeks off and repeated that 3 times so a total of 30 weeks at 20mg/day do you think they would experience improved width?
  12. Ostarine

    Ive got a lot of experience with Sarms what are your questions?
  13. MONSTERS of Bodybuilding

    ahh yes i see