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  1. First cycle plan

    his deadlift pr is 4021kg has to get custom barbells cos he snaps them
  2. First cycle plan

    he is a mad man, runs 1 gram mtren per day
  3. Here is my first cycle plan, ive done lots of research let me know what you guys think. Week 1 - 20 1000mg tren e 1000mg test e 200mg anadrol every day week 21-22 (PCT) 20mg nolva once per day for 2 weeks. Thanks guys.
  4. Going for a baby

    My doctor says 5000 IU every day of HCG 100mg Clomid 25mg Aromasin and continue trt as normal.
  5. Struggling to find syringes

    I ordered insulin syringes the other day from medi supplies no issues.
  6. Progress pics, am I improving?

    no im saying do i have the right skeletal proportions and muscle bellies for classic?
  7. Progress pics, am I improving?

    how to fix the difference? thanks bro
  8. Progress pics, am I improving?

    im natty mate but what do you mean everything is well off
  9. Progress pics, am I improving?

    cant tell if your being sarcastic
  10. Progress pics, am I improving?

  11. Progress pics, am I improving?

    Think I've got good enough proportions for mens physique?
  12. Am I improving? Before: Now:
  13. They are very inaccurate I went from 10 nmol/L to 15 nmol/L in a week at the exact same time of day and same conditions according to these tests.
  14. I can’t inject myself

    Bro 1 gram of tren per pound of body weight per day
  15. I can’t inject myself

    I injected 4 grams of tren into my dick to make it grow bigger as my first pin?