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  1. Sphinx Test E and C

    Arrived today after purchasing Sunday night. Packaging ,delivery and communication all top marks. Anyone tried these products from SJ, bottle looks plain no fancy hologram or such, any advice appreciated. Dosed at 300 and 200, looking to use as TRT, will be taking once a wk , how many ml per week. Looking at starting with Test E .
  2. ROHM Labs Real or Fake?

    Cheers, that's promising to hear.
  3. ROHM Labs Real or Fake?

    Must be a hit or a miss with a lot of online sourcing. Glad to see you've come across the real deal as must be a lot of fake nasty stuff getting injected.
  4. TRT

    Hi ,I'm 48yrs old,been training since 16.Train to keep fit ,have good shape and mental wellbeing. Finding energy levels are low, zest for live no longer there, libido low and starting to put on weight around waist. Looking for advice on TRT .All advice appreciated.