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  1. [35M] Test results

    @DymoLabel Have you checked your vitamin levels? Lack of vit d can have those symptoms as well
  2. Quitting Trt after 1 year

    @Pez189 Do you experience increae in red blood cell count therefore having to donate at 150mg?
  3. Quitting Trt after 1 year

    @Pez189 That's cool mate thanks a lot for all the info I would be contacting the clinic soon. Can I ask you which side of UK are you from?
  4. Quitting Trt after 1 year

    @Pez189 Do you tell the clinic your using hcg tho?
  5. Quitting Trt after 1 year

    @Pez189 Don't you pay extra for hcg?
  6. Quitting Trt after 1 year

    @Pez189 Don't you use hcg or arimidex?
  7. Quitting Trt after 1 year

    @Pez189 The prices seem good works around 25 a month less then a bag of protein. And how does it work if you want to travel abroad with the prescription your fine taking it with you while travelling Also what dose are you at?
  8. Quitting Trt after 1 year

    @Pez189 I am gonna try supplement b6 and see how I feel I lost almost all the muscle I packed in trt despite my ups and down and honestly speaking being natural sucks. I am considering going back but this time with a clinic which listen to me and not numbers my endo gave me gel that didn't work nebido thag shoot my hct through the roop and make my chest tight and then sustanon which was amazing first 2 weeks but waiting 3 weeks before next shot would make me crush. I've seen your with leger clinic and you said it cost 330 par year is that right? So I just need to bring my blood test and NHS endo stating I am in the therapy to pass over?
  9. NHS muppetry - need advice

    @Wildkid How did you manage to get 150 sus a week my NHS endo don't wanna hear anything when I try to talk to him, he wants atleast 3 weeks in between jabs
  10. NHS muppetry - need advice

    How often do you do your blood test and what is your dosage and levels? 330 works out less then 30 a month if NHS put you on gell you pay 2 presproctions so around 20 anyways 10 extra to maximise the benefits is worth a short I was thinking after 1 year or so once you find you balance and learn to know your body you could get pharma grade ugl and drop the clinic that will drop your expenses to around 100 par year if not less
  11. Quitting Trt after 1 year

    I am really feeling tempted to restart trt as for today yes my numbers are good but a broken dick at age of 26, fatigue and 0 motivation of doing anything is worst then having highs and lows on sustanon every 3 week as I did before I could supplement test ace before I get my next jab with NHS. Also I was thinking right now my levels are 17 while at 3rd week after sustanon jab my levels come between 10/12 the first 2 weeks tho they are probably higher somewhere between 20/25 which gives me the edges mentioned before also the dopamine rush plus my levels don't fall at the end of the day like naturally. Man I've been to cricket today and compared to last time on clomid I felt a huge difference of strength in my legs and back. I've seen a video of how to beast talking about his trt and he had good levels but he started it for motivation and better lifestyle and his business improved. Before I do anything rush tho I am waiting for someone more experienced to give me any advice or maybe someone on trt through clinics in UK sharing their experience
  12. Quitting Trt after 1 year

    @Seppuku71 Any opinion about other sides? Such as fatigue and 0 motivation of doing anything? I just started gym 2 weeks ago so it can't be overtraining. I use to feel a lot of motivation I was working on different projects and reading almost a book every 2 weeks now I feel doing nothing not even important things I should feel just lying on the sofa the whole day
  13. Quitting Trt after 1 year

    Maybe I can try to increase free test by reducing shbg with boron supplement
  14. Quitting Trt after 1 year

    No I didn't got the LH I thought it was included in the trt packege but it wasn't. I feel fatigued demotivated and ED with low libido so all low test symptoms despite its almost 17 can't explain why tho only thing I can think of is prolactin and E2 a bit high
  15. Quitting Trt after 1 year

    @TERBO @Seppuku71 Hi guys, I just got my labs back now the numbers look all good a part from prolactin on the high end but the test left me confused. I am having sever issues with ED and my libido is lowish, and motivation I feel demotivated on doing most of the stuff I use to do while on trt even going to the gym is something I don't feel doing and on the top of that i lost a lot of muscle and strength. Any opinions?