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  1. So I’m new to gear and have started taking that elixir Duratest 475 did my first ml 4 days ago got my next jab today and I know some slight pain in the injection site is normal but.... ive now notice down the side of my leg between my quad and my hamstring is inflamed and puffy, sore to walk on and the pain feels like it’s in my joint between my hip and top of my right femur, any advice guys? Did I hit the wrong spot or is it infected?
  2. Elixir - Duratest

    Thankfully it’s sorted itself out now and the pain and inflammation is gone, I’m wondering whether to continue the cycle and it is giving me very good results already, I started my cycle at the start of January on 2x50mg tabs of Dbol on training days and now on 1ml a week of the Duratest but have heard a lot that the elixir labs isn’t the best so any recommendations on who and what to get for strength and size injectables? I have some T400 on the way and another 50 tabs of 50mg Dbol coming any ideas? Would be appreciated