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  1. Primobolan

    Its medtech solutions...
  2. I'm using 200mg of primobolan with my 200mg test eth ...I've bin on the test for 6months....its been 2weeks since I've added primo.... I'm feel moody and agressive...anyone get this from primobolan? previously I've done upto 750mgs test with no agression before...... also doing 4iu of hgh a day, was doing 3iu in morning now swapped to 2iu am an 2iu before bed....few days back? Think this could be effecting my sleep making me moody? My source i trust says the primo dosed well an send me the lab results from jan/feb
  3. Ok sorry so my trt is 200mg test cyp split twice a week with no ai...... Alongside this I run a therapeutic dose of decnadraone for my joints...
  4. Low libido on TRT

    For sure drop the anti estrogen, an skip a weeks jab and do 200mg in as many jabs as you can, personally you should get some 27g insulin pins, do minimum of 3 jabs, do either sub a injection or swallow intermuscular, So lowering testosterone will lower estrogen, and also make shbg rise this lowering estrogen also.... multi injections also help body deal with estrogen conversion as it's not flooded with high amounts at once.... 300 will prob be quite high on trt and I find there is a perfect dose that make u feel good, were you may feel.much better on 200 an lower estrogens an test an estrogen balance in inportant for feeling good. I'm assuming your doing 300 as that a typical dose form undergoing labs in 10ml vials, 300mg/ml...so real world ist brobwrly underdosed to 250mg so doing 200mh give you 160/170 range. . Libido always best with good range of estrogen to testosterone
  5. So you have low testosterone levels but in normal range..... so low normal test for your age range! An I believe these ranges are different for age groups, so if u was high normal now at 40s that measurement may be low normal on 20yr old brackets... But my self personally I am jabbing my self as I want high normal so i feel better, better bigger erections and it does for me when I go higher! Total testosterone isn't inportant, it's free test that's the key as that what actualy gets used, total. So the higher total testerone levels the lower sex hormone binding globulin is (shbg) an lowering this liberates free test and my aim is to get free test high that makes me all round feel better! Now free test also raise estrogen levels, so on my bloods if my estrogen levels go out that range I'll lower total test to bring estradiol down to high normal e2...this my experience an how I get the best results.....
  6. Test cyp 200mg, deca 75mg a week.in two jabs, was doing primo aswell but ran out so left off.... My blood work was fine test was on the high levels of normal, estrogen was just over high but when I try lower that I dont feel good. Blood work is important but how you feel also is mo moto! Everyone's diffrent.
  7. Bac water

    Best place to get bacteriostatic water? As I'm assuming sterile water wont last 5days in fridge... googled it but mixed reviews! I'm also thinking where can I get bac water is it available at chemists or am I actualy going to get it delivered before uk total lock down.....
  8. How long can you use a 10mm vial once puncherd? Thinking dropping sum stuff I'm taking while not going to gym an dont wanna waste the gear.. |-----["""""/////}>-
  9. Hybrid trt

    Everyone's bodys are diffrent theres not a one fits all, 200ml test gets my test up to high normal, if I used 100 then at best be low normal an why would want low normal when high normal is on the table. Proviron liberates my free testosterone by lowering shbg.... an lowering estrogen? Free test levels are the key an what's most important out of all this. Deca maybe not but that's added benifit to it all if in injecting may as well give joints some support. So guess hrt rather that trt but this works for me, all my blood are perfect an in range. Free test, e2 , dhl an ldl... Also till someone's bloods are done it's all speculation as someone on 100ml test may get high estrogen an require armidex some may not.
  10. Hybrid trt

    My joints hurt an I had bad back, now my aches gone! Proviron just improved my mood an improved my sex drive I guess it lowers shbg to rasing free testosterone.
  11. Hybrid trt

    So I'm on test cyp 200mg deca 100mg split onto 2 shots x week, and proviron 25mg ed, not currently using arimidex as bloods not calling for it. Anyone else adding any extras on at all like t3 or hgh, primo , mast or low dose anavar?
  12. Hi, I'm curious how you use an what's prices, I've bin looking online but going round in circles
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