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  1. Doing a cycle around work rota

    One more thing. I looked at the dosing of drugs like Clomid and Nolva. They tend to be on a 4 week taper, from a first week at a heavy dose, slightly lower second week, then a weak dose third and fourth week. Is the full four weeks entirely necessary? If the last dose of long half life test (slow ester?) is taken on the last day before going away, the PCT wouldn't start for a couple weeks anyway. So if I got home and started the PCT the day I got home I could run it 3 weeks, would that be sufficient?
  2. Doing a cycle around work rota

    Fast esters and slow esters? What would be recommended specifically?
  3. Doing a cycle around work rota

    I thought as much. So what kind of PCT meds would be recommended for a basic cycle. So I can go google them and see what they look like if I needed to take some in a vitamin tub or up my ass....
  4. Doing a cycle around work rota

    That's not a recommendation, is it?!
  5. Doing a cycle around work rota

    I have access to a gym all the time. I train well offshore, probably better than I can at home where life gets in my way. I work 12 hour shifts but I never work hard enough to be too tired to train Push/legs/pull/push/legs/pull with a rest day once a week. Sometimes do an hour cycling on rest day. Diet is decent but I can't track it as well as I do at home, as all meals are prepared for us, so macro tracking isn't as accurate. I just have to judge it on the scales and try and keep my protein intake high and keep the diet as balanced as I can but in general the food is to a decent standard and there is always access to everything I need.
  6. Doing a cycle around work rota

    I would much rather avoid that. I mean how much would I need to take with me to get through 2 weeks PCT? I don't want to be shoving a tesco bag full up my arse. From what I had read, I suspected PCT might be the sticking point. Just wondered if you gents had a creative solution or a substance that would allow for breaks. But if it's a no go I'm happy carrying on natural. Just a shame I can't take the easy rout to a bit more gains. No harm asking, cheers for the advice chaps.
  7. Doing a cycle around work rota

    Yes, any medication needs to be prescribed. You get bag searches, your meds get bagged up and sealed and only get opened by the medic
  8. Been training natural up until now, I have been considering doing a cycle and done some reading and would like to try a cycle of test or something similar. Nothing too ambitious to start with. My problem is I work away. I'm 2 weeks on 3 weeks off. So I could do as I please for 3 weeks but my 2 weeks at work I can't. I won't be taking anything to my work, it'd be an immediate sacking offense and I am not that keen as to risk my job for it. I have been reading about half lifes and wondered if there is something I could dose weekly for instance, perhaps take a slightly larger dose just before I go away, that would carry me through the two weeks away? Or are there any other products that would be suitable for taking 2 weeks off on regular intervals. Obviously any PCT would be similar, which from my own research doesn't seem to be workable. I had looked into this and basically dropped the idea but I thought I'd run it past the experts. If the answer is "Don't be so fu**ing stupid Davie" then carrying on natural training it is.
  9. Collagen protein

    So, what is Collagen protein? I'm seeing it with a lot of suppliers and my mate said he got some. Reading the blurb on MyProtein, they say "Collagen is a protein that’s mainly found in skin, hair, nails, and other connective tissues in the body, making it the most abundant protein in humans and mammals. It’s slightly different to whey and casein protein because it has a high level of the amino acids, glycine, proline, hydroxyproline and arginine." OK, good. It's got a 90% protein content. It's got a different amino acid profile, presumably one that's really good for skin, hair, nails and connective tissue...... not the s**t I am looking to build in the gym but if it makes my hair grow back in, I'll be over the bloody moon. But my concern is, where do they get it? From the hair, skin and nails of animals? Not sure about that? Whadyaknow about this stuff guys?
  10. Ultimate NO2, Pump and Vasculator Stack

    So, I purchased the Glycergrow 2 and the Creatine Nitrate https://www.bodybuildingwarehouse.co.uk/pure-creatine-nitrate https://www.dolphinfitness.co.uk/en/controlled-labs-glycer-grow-2-60-servings/101385 Got a decent amount of this PWO left over (contains 3g of CM) https://www.bulkpowders.co.uk/complete-pre-workout-advanced.html And still have a decent amount of Citrulline Malate (Which I have been taking 8g on it's own before the gym recently) https://www.bulkpowders.co.uk/citrulline-malate.html My thinking was to give both of the new products a test run on their own but once I am happy with them, I was going to stack the lot. So, for dosing, I was thinking 1 normal scoop of the PWO, topping up with 5g of the CM, to take me to 8g. For the GG2, would it just be recommended I stick to the 1 x 3.9g scoop? And Creatine Nitrate, the box says 1g. Some of the comments on this thread say otherwise, should I stick to the recommended 1g or go to 2.5g (or above as one poster suggested?)
  11. Creating your own program... It's not that difficult

    Thanks for the post @swole troll I am not a beginner, been going to weights gyms fairly regularly for the last 20+ years. But I certainly wouldn't ever call myself advanced. I've only really had a good run at it twice. 4 years ago I started putting on some muscle, then injured everything before I got to the cut part, and left myself 20%+ body fat and took up hiking instead This time round I have been training over a year, 6 months fairly consistently with weights and starting to make a bit progress but this time I have basically maintained body weight, perhaps dropping 2 or 3 pounds over the last few months. 6'1", 85kg and around 18% bf and the muscle is starting to grow, albeit not as fast as I would have liked because I've been reluctant to put on too much weight before I shed some more fat. I've set the base strength and things are progressing nicely with what I'm lifting so I was going to try a cut and get a good bit leaner before attempting to bulk. But I have had a backwards idea of the order what you posted above because I have started out on body part splits and was going to eventually move to a full body split later. Too late to fix that now but I do still want to have a go at full body splits and going from what you've said I'm still novice enough to benefit from it. But reading your guide it does look a bit sparse. I'm fortunate with work/life schedule and could be in the gym 2 or 3 hours a day 6 or 7 days a week if I wanted. I was thinking of doing full body but with a combination of larger compound 5x5 type stuff along with isolation exercises. If I did bench press 5x5 on day A, I'd combine it with lateral raises 3 x 8-12 for shoulders, then day B do OHP 5x5, with crossovers or fly's 3 x 8-12. Same idea with quads and hamstrings etc. But when I started to write it down it has a lot more content than your template above. So it looked something along the lines of Day A Squat 5x5 Leg curl 3 x 8-12 Barbbell bench press 5x5 Lateral raises 3 x 8-12 Chins/pull ups 3 x 8-10 Machine curls 3 x 8-10 Ab crunch exercizes Day B Deadlift 5x5 Leg extension 3 x 8-12 OHP 5x5 Dumbell fly's 3 x 8-12 Cable rows 3 x 8-12 Tricep pushdowns 3 x 10-12 Ab twist exercizes Was thinking, for my week Monday-Sunday A, cardio, B, rest, A, Cardio, rest B, cardio, A, rest, B, Cardio, rest Thoughts? As I say, I'm wary of doing too much. My original plan had Leg press 3x8 in with squats, a seated dumbbell version of my OHP with the standing bar version and an incline dumbbell press along with the bench press, both 3x8 as well but I'm wondering if I was overloading it, particularly after reading your OP I probably spend more time in the gym than I should just now and its counter productive but I have the time and don't like rest days when I am in the swing of things, I have suffered motivation dips in the past and I always see breaks in training of more than a couple days as the times where there is potential for laziness to creep in.
  12. Omega 3 with DHA and EPA

    Well that makes sense I suppose. Obviously you can't tell from the taste due to being in capsule form but will you know? I mean I get a bit of a fishy taste when I burp afterwards and they make me a little queasy if I neck a couple on an empty stomach. But all fish has always done that. Is it easy to figure out if they are 'off'?
  13. Omega 3 with DHA and EPA

    How do you tell good quality? I just bought some off MyProtein and I've no idea whether they are quality or not.
  14. If you change your diet from a bulk or maintenance to a cut. Would you change your training? Add in cardio, go for different rep ranges or just keep trying to do what you are doing with less fuel?
  15. Citrulline Malate

    I'd been using a PWO that gave about 3-5g of CM depending on the size of scoop I took. Was decent, I always like those BA tingles, even if it's just so I have a physical indicator that something is kicking in. Add to that, the kind of psycho focus you get on taking far too much bloody caffeine. But I work offshore, so I can't bring open supps through the airport. It's policy that they must be sealed. So I brought a 250g bag of CM and after reading this thread, all I've been using is my daily Creatine and protein and pre-workout I take an 8-10g serving of CM and I'm finding that performance wise, I'm getting a better lift from it than the PWO and the pump is rather nice. PWOs I've used in the past have had more stims than effective doses of pump products, so I'm not used to that feeling and I think it does give you that little mental boost. On another note, to the IBS sufferer. I've got ulcerative colitis (an absolute joy ) I've not suffered any ill effects and it smcertainlybhasn't given me the shits.