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  1. Its absolutely possible to have a great physique as a natural lifter, and to look big and lean to the general population, and big in person to even steroid users. Im not talking about 6% contest shape, don't judge natural competitors by that, if you saw them in the gym at 12% you would probably think they were on something. Hiring a good coach can be a great decision. Im not talking about paying someone for a one off generic plan, but someone who is going to work with you on the nutrition and training components and make adjustments for you based on your progress. The idea of just googling it and doing it yourself is not optimal imo. Would you learn to drive a car from some youtube videos? And no offence to Vince intended at all, but focusing solely on weight on the bar is never going to build you a great physique.
  2. Most of my clients gain muscle and lose fat when they first come to me because they are usually fatter than they think, and don't actually know how to train for hypertrophy. Once they get leaner we do have to up calories at some point to start gaining muscle again, but there is absolutely no reason to get fat doing this. Gregg Doucette is not cluless on diet, but he charges a fourtune for his coaching, and he doesnt know anything about peridiodising his training protocols. He even admits that he only takes a deload when he gets pneumonia!
  3. Are you weighing and tracking everything? How long have you been dieting? If your cals are accurate, It's probably metabolic slowdown. if it is you need to bring yourself out of the deficit in a slow and controlled way, and up your energy out put at the same time. What's your lifting routine like?
  4. Chicken alternative

    If you have time why not get some eggs and greek yoghurt in the morning with the bagel? Start the day with a better quality protein, turn on protein synthesis earlier in the day, and take the pressure off of having to eat as much during work.
  5. New Here. Hoping to change my life

    I've just cracked 40, I feel amazing, and I'm fitter than ever. You have plenty of great years ahead
  6. Newbie...ready to rock and roll

    Great progress so far!
  7. * UKM's Natty Physiques *

  8. trying to lose weight

    Start with the lowest possible deficit that gets you losing, milk that deficit until you stall. No way you need to drop to 1770, and a 700 deficit is too low to start with IMO
  9. Gained over 10kg/22lbs in 3 weeks???

    This is the worst way possible to come out of a diet phase, your metabolism is at its lowest and you are primed for fat gain. Its highly unlikely you were so depleted you just "filled out". If you look fatter, you almost certainly are
  10. WelshMann saying hi

  11. The Shawn Ray one is excellent!
  12. Philip Schofield

    I don't think I have ever seen so many memes hit my whatsapp than after this one
  13. New to the Forum

    Hi guys, I am new to the forum My background: I have been lifting for 19years, I am a REPS registered level 4 strength & conditioning coach who has trained under a world-record-holding powerlifter and an IFBB pro bodybuilder.