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  1. Nutritional Uncertainty

    Hi LT, Thanks for the response! Oddly enough, this was actually what I was toying with doing, thinking that I wasn't providing my body with enough calories given the work I was doing and consequently not being at peak metabolism. 15kg of instant oats just arrived, that I accidentally ordered, so at least I'll get to use those up ha Cheers again.
  2. Hi All

    Thanks chap
  3. Hi All

    Cheers dude
  4. Nutritional Uncertainty

    Hi all, Looking for some advice; I'm trying to lower my body fat, prior to going on my first bulk , and feel like I've got everything on point, but the numbers on the scale just aren't moving as much as I thought they would. Below are my details, routine and food plan, any criticism or advice on how to improve it would be greatly appreciated: DETAILS Gender: Male Height: 6'2" Starting Weight: 235lbs (06.01.20) Current Weight: 231lbs Estimated BF%: 30% Job: Desk based EXCERCISE Each gym session is 60-90mins, prioritises compound lifts, and uses progressive overload protocol. Mon: Push Tue: Legs Wed: Pull Thu: Rest Fri: Push Sat: Legs + 30 min HIIT Sun: Pull + 30 min HIIT Everyday: 30 min LISS NUTRITION I'm a veggie, hence the no meat. My daily kcal limit is 1800, and 1600 on my rest day. Supplements: Multivitamin, Vegan Omega Complex, Vitamin D, Psyllium Husk, Magnesium, Green Tea Extract Breakfast: Porridge with maple syrup Snack #1: Peanut butter on toast Lunch: Omelette with veg & soya mince Snack #2: Cashew nuts & raisins Dinner: Omelette with veg & soya mince Post-Workout: Whey protein kCals: 1547 Protein: 175g Carbs: 94g Fat: 54g The remaining calories are used up pretty much how I see fit, but I have been sticking to clean eating as much as possible, along with protein bars. THOUGHTS My lifts have all been increasing at a healthy rate, and I have noticed increased muscle fullness and tone, along with potentially decreased chest fat, leg fat and have had to tighten my belt a couple of notches. I'm used to tracking calories, and have had success at losing weight in the past, but not with the level of training I'm doing currently, so I'm struggling to know whether this is going right or, if not, what the solution is. At the end of the day, I'm seeing some positive differences but I'm wondering g whether these are really optimal or if there's room for improvement, so any advice offered would be appreciated, cheers.
  5. Hi All

    Hi all, I'm Rob. Been training in patches for the last 14 years, but with probably only 4-5 years of good training behind me. After turning 30 last year, along with getting married this coming July, I decided it was time to finally get my arse into gear, stop pissing around and start putting in the work/discipline to look the way that I have always wanted to. I was an overweight teenager, but played Rugby and American Football, and did the gym work to go with it, so at least had some strength too. Unfortunately, that left me as an overweight adult, and, despite joining a number of gyms and having tried a load of different fad diets, that's pretty much where I am now. I have a decent knowledge/understanding of nutrition and training, but my issue has always been that I read about things too much and don't put it into practice. Been lurking on-and-off for a couple of years but thought now was a good time to get an account going, and get involved. Looking forward to gaining some useful info, focus and eventually giving back when I'm in a place to do so.
  6. Seeing people locking their knees out on the leg press