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  1. Nexus labs deca

    Same goes for me deca drains all energy out of me makes me feel terrible. NPP is a great alternative which is surprising as its just a fast acting deca but I get no lethargy at all
  2. 20mg eod of tren ace gave me all usual noticeable results with little to no side effects
  3. Started on Organon Sust then Alpha Pharma a good number of years ago made the best gains ever. Not long after this I got landed with Euro Pharma I think it was called and it was all bunk never really had issues since tbh
  4. I can confirm a low dose of even 20mg eod of tren ace works amazingly well. I fell into the “more is better” way of things for a number of years and blasted tren at times up at 100mg ed which is crazy and downright stupid now when I look back on it. Caused so many problems with my relationship at the time and I was so blind sided it wasn’t the tren. I didn’t run it for about a year and then thought hey why not try it super low dose and see what happens. So at the start of the year I began a low dose of 20mg eod and guess what? No sides at all. The mrs didn’t even have the slightest clue I was on tren and believe me beforehand I thought she had some sort of special sense and could always tell when I hopped on it lol. Needless to say it made me look even better which blew my mind I dried out and looked tight as hell with no flatness to my physique at all. Being flat was always an issue at higher doses so this was a big plus. Lesson learned with tren ace - Less is more gents.
  5. Debating giving SG Injectable Superdrol a run as well would be good to hear anyones experiences on it
  6. SG vs Nexus vs DG

    Anyone got copies of the lab tests on SG?
  7. After Lockdown Cycles

    Probably up my test prop from a cruise dose of 175mg a week to maybe 250-300. Chuck in some nexus dhb at 300mg a week and some dbol at 30mg a day. Was debating superdol or oxys but don’t want strength to go up too fast and risk injury
  8. I’m the same much prefer cruising on 50mg of test prop eod and chuck in 25mg of proviron every few days. I feel great on it way better than cruising on 200/250 of Test E a week thats for sure. Prop definitely keeps me leaner and less watery so overall during this corona cruise it’s a much better option for me.
  9. 6 month after pct

    Could even try Thriva I‘ve used them before and prices are pretty decent
  10. Southern Ghost Test E 300

    Anyone got bloods on the new SG? Tempted to give them a shot especially some injectable superdrol