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  1. Around 18 months ago pal
  2. Have used optimum biotech test e does as it says on the tin but IMO it was pricey
  3. First attempt at decking!

    Sounds strong enough pal, hard ground generally indicates clay so should be all good
  4. Need a new series to watch

    Cheers pal, think it’s going down hill from the first season. They have just caught link and Michael
  5. Need a new series to watch

    Just started watching prison break, wasn’t to struck at first but now we are half way through season 2 after a week
  6. First attempt at decking!

    Looks like the ground falls away from the decking so any water will flow away before saturating the ground. what centres did you put the posts in at and what was the ground made up of (sand , clay , stone ) im a joiner by trade now construction site manager looks a tidy job pal
  7. Any car mechanics on here?

    It is Possible the air filter is clogged up causing the fault. air filters are not expensive and well worth changing periodically
  8. Any car mechanics on here?

    Easy to do on the insignia, remove grill next to passenger fog light and you can get to the clip at the bottom and easy accessible from the top. I had a fogged up head light , cost £1500 to replace the unit no bulbs just the unit. Fancy pants AFL and some other jumbo main dealer was over £2000
  9. Any car mechanics on here?

    Hi pal, is it a turbo ? If so a common fault. I had it on my insignia. turbo intercooler pipe. Check it may be split mine was. £30 and 20 mins work all fixed and I’m useless with cars
  10. First day back at the gym thread

    Then stop jogging in a thong and a t shirt saying take my by force I’m yours
  11. Guys, who are you using and which test. last time I used Medi checks and got the male hormone check. Currently running 175mg test 300mg tren 300mg mast will be adding superdrol for 5 weeks along with clomid last bloods came back as you would expect with E2 spot on with no AI
  12. @swole troll is there any other benefit to taking more than 500mg other than to aid a high carb diet? I have been taking 500mg metformin with 1000 b12 Pre bed and feel I have more energy (maybe placebo) currently running 175mg test 300mg tren 300mg mast one thing I will say is I am up a few times through the night and piss1ng like a horse
  13. Another thumbs up for Uk Medi last few orders from them and are spot on