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  1. Test help

    Will do, and thanks for your help
  2. Test help

  3. Assistance

    No this would be her first cycle
  4. Test help

    That’s why I was asking I would have thought half of that
  5. Test help

    A friend of hers has had great success with test, the dose she was quoted I thought was high 1ml / week
  6. Test help

    Hi sorry to jump in, what would be the best dosage for my partner , she is 41 12 stone and in good shape, Trained for 3 years she is wanting to cut using Test E 250mg/ML thanks in advance
  7. Assistance

    Ladies and gents, my partner is wanting to do a test e cycle but it will be her first. she is 5’8 and 10st 41 years old and has be lifting for 2 1/2 years. is there any where you could point me or tell me what dosage she should be looking at ? thanks
  8. Hi guys new here

    Hi guys, I’m new to the forum but not new to training. a little about me I’m 45 and have been training for many years. I’m 5’10” and 17st 15% BF