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  1. one rip 200

    @Traintogain30 show some respect to these knowledgable lads who have taken the time to read and reply to your posts. what you read on line and personal experiences are worlds apart. Not everyone reacts the same to a compound but I for one can tell you that with out the guidance from the lads on here especially @stuey99 I would have dropped tren out of my blast as the sides were crippling. lime I said if you ask a question listen to what the lads say and decide from there where your going to go.
  2. Why not run dbol for 6 weeks continue with test only for 6 weeks then dry out with Winnie for the last 4 weeks ?
  3. Tren

    After taking your advice after 2 weeks the sides from silly imbalanced doses went. sky high libido , massive strength increase great recovery rate and great sense of well being. The night sweats help with WL so like you say small price to pay
  4. Tren

    I am one of those @Stuey advised on Tren and have to say the best cycle by far I have run. great solid gains only a few sides. Waking up in the morning with p•ss wet sheets
  5. No mate just test e
  6. It was good stuff but came hard to get hold of so using SG now
  7. I shave my head 3 times a week when I do my face
  8. Pins

    @TERBO thanks pal, ordered 100 from medi save and way cheaper than my old supplier
  9. Pins

    Sorry guys this has probably been asked 100 times but........ where is the best place to get your pins from? I have used irongym7 for a long time but the last order hasn’t arrived and no response to emails
  10. Where do you buy your sups ?

    Use to use bulkpowders but Myprotein now as it always has deals and offers. I find the protein better than BP
  11. Favourite trainers

    All the Nike vapour max range
  12. I always thought losing my hair would bother me but I shaved my head during lock down and being honest I prefer my head bald now so no I wouldn’t
  13. Do you have/had a dog/puppy?

    This is Colin he is a Shih Poo 16 months old
  14. Best labs currently

    Surely if the UGLs were that bad nobody would use them again after getting bunk gear.
  15. Sphinx labs

    I was one of them who was struggling with the tren, followed @stuey99 advice and getting on great with it now