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  1. New Cycle just to Start with

    Thanks alot for everything...
  2. New Cycle just to Start with

    Ys I am (36, 78KG and 17-20% B.F But you know if i would have all knowledge why would i come to this forum and ask for suggestions. If you think i am wrong just help me or else ignore. You are not bother to reply.... My first cycle was just Test and Deca + Dina (Gain 6KG Weight in 8 weeks cycle. very small dosage) I understood i should try 2-3 compound at time so i can understand more about how it is going to effect my body. Thanks
  3. Cycle I am planing to start. Its 2nd Cycle. Please share your feedback. Target is to gain muscle mass. 12 Weeks Cycle Week 1 - MK677 15MG + Rad140 10MG Week 2 - MK677 15MG + Rad140 20MG Week 3 - Dina 20MG + (MK677 15MG + Rad140 20MG) + Test 250 (1 Weekly) Week 4 - Dina 40MG + (MK677 + Rad140 Same) + Test 250 (1 Weekly) Week 5 - No Oral + Test 250 (1/Weekly)+ Tren A (1/Weekly) Week 6 - Same Week 7 - Test 250 ( 2/Weekly) + Tren A (1/Weekly) Week 8 - Same Week 9 - Masteron (1ml/weekly) + Test Prop (1ml/Weekly) Week 10 - Same Week 11 - Same + Anavar 20MG Week 12 - Same + Anavar 40MG
  4. Why Carbs?

    in simple words Protein is good but carbs is life. Eating carbs daily will give u so much energy to perform.
  5. when it comes to adding muscle i would never recommend training twice a day. muscle need to get relaxed. Give rest eat good and you will see the growth faster.
  6. Anyone Tried Bavarian Medicines?

    Thanks. Ill give it a try and get back to you all on this.
  7. There are a number of different esters of testosterone. how to check which is good for me (I want to gain more muscle)
  8. Option 1 - Mk-677 (15mg)+ Rad 140 (10mg) Option 2- Deca 100mg + Test250mg to start with
  9. how frequent we can inject testosterone? how long does it stay in our system?
  10. Blood work Report total testosterone (above 3460 unit ng/dl biological reference 249-836) E2 Estradiol (340 unit pg/ml biological reference 11-44) what should i do now?
  11. Do I have gyno?

  12. Just Wanted to Say hi

  13. Thanks alot. Bavarian-Medicines <---- Can anyone help me in this as well.
  14. Can anyone help me to start my first cycle for muscle gain? suggest me some good brands.