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  1. Anybody used this

    Just generic viagra, anyways, try it out and tell us is it good. What more?
  2. How can you increase testosterone naturally?

    Do not get married helps too usually. It was meant to be funny about it but, there are research even to it
  3. Test e vs sust

    Test is test.... Difference.. Sus is better but more faked than test e. Pharma or UGL. UGL sus many times just put prop , some enathate and maybe sparkle of decano in there and slap a sus label on. Don't believe me , go send it to test lab Not to be rude, But ,Why, because the gold is in decano. its the most expensive and i would argue the best also. I would get plain get plain undeca if it would be just cheaper and reputable. Pros take sus because of the long ester not the fast. Test e is usually what it is if its reputable . There have been even some pros that have said that fast acting are for naturals and long acting are for pros. Everything else is diet and training. Just take your long acting bigger dose if you want some bump. Short acting are just to feel cool injecting more often and feel accomplishing something more. We could debate about tren ace and enath too , but that's for another day.
  4. Severe Erectile dysfunction

    Buddy ......hard to say that , you are not getting ANY erections or very very weak erections at all? Lets get the libido aside for a sec. Coming of a hard cycle? Buddy erections are one of the first indications of a heart disease. not to scare. If you are crash coming off a hard cycle or long cycle, your insulin sensitivity is all time wack and your body is under a lot of stress. PCT (read it , here are very good experts on that), Cardio, get your blood sugar in check, check your blood pressure.
  5. Viagra

    I would go that far that sometimes mens sex drive is and are affected how good his erections are. But thats as far i would go. Sometimes we men need that bump. But that's about it. Right before competition , dieting hard, crashed estrogen. Coming off hard cycle, but wife still needs some love time, you know you get it. Then are times it helps with your mind and so with libido too.
  6. Recovery

    I have seen this type of question here , many times before. am i trippin? Anyways. It depends your natural recovery, stress levels , history of cycling and so on. But on the ball park, tips are, 1. 8 months? heavy cycling. dont crash stop. cycling isn't a bus stop . go and stop. its more like a train, slow fast, slow stop. Dont crash stop. Okay what you do? Take couple of weeks 100mg of test enath and see if your libido rebounds, if it doesn't its something else in your life. Stress makes a huge thing , if you take the situation right now in world , isolation and the covid. If your libido returns the you know you were surpressed a lot. Take taper down, same time take small doses like 500iu of hcg every few days. then some serms. There are lot of topics about this already. Do some search please, not to be rude.
  7. Around 2 months since last jab

    if 4 months and only 8 month cycle nothing before, you're recovered...usually , most are. if you're not abnormal, if your balls feel are normal. It's a psychological also, when you take juice you're sex drive is ALWAYS HIGHER than naturally (mostly it just is that way) ...sorry to tell you even if you're recovered it's a big probability you're sex drive will never be high as if you take exogenous hormones...it could be...but don't depend it would...just it is what it is...welcome back to being a normal guy..... why you think most people just hop back on, do cycles and keep taking eventually and so on?.... My 2 cents are, if you're balls are okay, you're not too weak, if you still lift and feel, you're okay. Don't overthink it. It just is that way, welcome to the other side. libido is always mostly lower when off. Okay there are exceptions , but im not talking minority. If you mean it's lower than before you even started that 8 month cycle? mind and psychological is very strong tool, you could be thinking it was, but actually it wasn't . you just get "used to" being "on juice sex drive" is you're normal...
  8. Deca vs npp

    don't wanna be dick but deca npp are the same thing, difference is only ester, everybody can talk tell anything they want. i will assure you, you dont wanna believe me its okay, i'll tell you it's only ester difference , nandrolone is nandrolone. Anyways , some pro's have told that fast ester are for naturals, or new guys. every advanced will say deca or long esters only.
  9. Best PCT all in one

    there isn't even best pct allround, it all comes down to preference and how everybody reacts. It would be nice if there would be only nolva/clomid mix and with different ratio's to select. most buy nolva/clomid separately, and take when what they need. And when someone wants will proviron to it. add in maybe little cialis/viagra.., citrulline, maybe some health herbs, maca and stuff. pct and serm is not magic also. but i do get the question , so okay.
  10. offtopic little bit, but how you do know it's the sarm you think youre taking. like if you read look around faking is huge right now, label says one and it really contains something else, usually cheaper sarm. Just a question.
  11. Testosterone all year round (125-150mg)

    some bigger guys say that 125mg test-e is pct. why not test is you're done with the kids ? ....please don't tell you don't want to inject... don't take anything if that's the case. NO orals only.... only with test base, especially for new people, people that don't know estrogen importance, you need estrogen, and you get that testosterone....(yes dbol aromatise, so what if youre a new , then you will lose all those gains anyway with dbol only) ... please don't take only winstrol... this is the reason why roids are portraited bad in media and society and everywhere. if you really know why you take only winny or dbol or any no estrogenic compound then you wont be here asking the question anyway. not bashing, no oral only, maybe dbol low dosage oral only is possible , because it aromatize but if you're new , it's better with test base.
  12. fake pregnyl

    just use all of it and squirt a little bit in a lady friend , if nothing then fake . the oldschool way always works
  13. usually with more tren , isn't more the better? 3cc, whatever it takes , right babe? but without joking, really don't think tren is for bulking, i call it starting a "fire" . because everything gets fired up, nervous system , it's like roid on speed laced with something mind altering substance. it's good precontest, pre competition to get fired up so much as you can, cutting fast without sacrificing muscle, it's very good anti catabolic. for bulking, naah.... personal preference... what to take with it? anything you need. it doesn't interfere with anything..yes some say with deca it's bad blah blah...
  14. Around 2 months since last jab

    if your naturally good test levels and youve not been in for a long ride abused anabolics, meaning years , how many cycles before 8 month cycle? Ofcourse you have libido lower after cycle , you're less superman also. if you're strict question is , are pct drugs essential? answer is , depends, how long have you been in this game, if long then you wont ask the question anymore are they or not...you know that already by yourself what and when you need. IF your not a advanced or long time user , then no..depends again... if basic short test cycle will suppress you so down hard , then using pct or not you're gonna be in a good joke place very soon already. Okay maybe it will help to recover faster first time if used vs not used. but second time you're already in a big time joke. are you're balls small or big enough, for you. serious question. if not shrunk or they were and have got bigger back again then i wouldnt worry.
  15. Around 2 months since last jab

    How many cycles have you done, what have been the dosages. how is your lifestyle. how good was your test before?