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  1. Pct after blast and cruise

    Hi there I did a 12 week cycle of test e (500 a week) last February and then decided to cruise on 250 every 10 days ever since the end of the 12 week cycle my diet has been extremely good and have train 4 to 6 days a week hard for the last year putting on a good 2 stone of weight I'm now 5ft 9 13st 9. I'd always assumed I had pretty low test levels naturally before I started steriods. Now i have been on for about 1 year has anyone got good advice for a good pct as I now want to come off test. Get some blood tests done and see where I'm at before deciding if I should have been trt all along anyway has the benefits i have experienced in the last year have been pretty live changing. I'm aware I should have go these blood tests done before doing steriods in the first place and that pct may be tough just hopeful someone with good knowledge or a similar experience can offer advice Cheers James