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  1. Looking for suggestions on training splits/ critiques of my current split. So currently i am training 5 days per week monday through to friday. My current split is as follows : Monday - Pull Tuesday - Push wednesday -Legs Thursday - Pull Friday - push So the reason for legs currently once per week is that i have the somewhat fortunate issue of my legs completely overpowering my upper body. Unfortunately i can't train weekends due to living in the middle of no where and the closest decent gym is around an hour drive. But i do have access to a decent gym weekdays as it's close to where i work. Hence the monday - friday training schedule. The push / pull days i'm following a pretty standard routine eg. 3 exercises chest, 2 delts, 2 trieps on push day. (3 sets per exercise). However leg day my routine is 4x leg extensions, 4 x squat , 4 x leg press, 4 x lying ham curls, 3 x seated ham curls 3 x calves raises. Reason for higher volume this day is as i only train legs once per week. So my first question is am i doing too much volume leg day? As my push and pull sessions on thursday/friday seem to suffer a little from the taxing volume on wednesday. Also what's everyones thoughts on training legs less compared to other muscles to restore balance for a lagging upper body? second question - Any other suggestions on better routines/ splits and volume etc? Specifically for someone that has a lagging upper body Thanks very much, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated =) Additional info - 25 years old, lifting for 5 years Natty Lean bulk right now Macros daily - 210 g protein 380 g carbs, 105 g fat