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  1. Saving for the future

    Cheers bud, so in other words just keep using my savings account and the ISA to syphon off a little bit of funds each month and leave it to sit in peace. Makes sense to me, definitely more sensible than trying to play city trader then having to explain to the wife where its all gone
  2. Are you a bedroom DJ?

    Seeing all these middle aged DJs coming out the woodwork and doing streaming sets I'm tempted to revisit my youth and get some decks. Back in the day I used to have some old belt drive decks but now I'm looking at a DJ controller like the Pioneer DDJ400... Has anyone got one? What's the verdict?
  3. What are good tattoos to get to become more hard?

    You could copy that Aaron Lambo fella with all his cool looking face tats
  4. Saving for the future

    Seeing as you lot know everything about everything I thought I'd pose this question to you... If I wanted to squirrel away some cash each money, not talking megabucks more like 1 or 2 hundred each month, wheres the best place to put it? I've got a save to buy ISA I put into but I'm wondering if there's a place for greater returns. I know nothing about trading or whatnot, when I read the info on some trading sites they make it seem like you can put in 200 quid and walk away with thousands but that's a load of bollox for sure.
  5. Tyson Fury upper back workout

    Waiting for the form police to comment
  6. Youtube

    My question is who did your hair boss? Did you record that recently as your fade looks decent, surely not a home jobbie?
  7. WOW ebay fitness bands first use!!!

    You are clearly too strong to be using such things.... In all seriousness cheers for the heads up, I've got some and I'm waiting till I'm blinded by the things when/if they snap
  8. Stopping adverts at the front or during YT

    Where's that guy looking for handouts, you could pay him to watch the ads for you
  9. They apparently have a factory that makes their own adjustable dumbells
  10. They deliver nationwide apparently
  11. I got some of those bands, did my first actual workout with them today. Not sure whether it's the time off or if they're working the muscle in a different way but I can definitely feel it now. Takes abit of fiddling with to get the right "weight" and abit of time to get over the fear of one of them snapping and taking your eye out but apart from that they're very good.
  12. Are takeaways open near you?

    Maybe it's just me but with all this going on at the moment I don't trust a stranger to be making my food
  13. Contagion on Netflix

    Didn't want to be put on the naughty step by the Internet police
  14. Yeah my fault I put the wrong link in my first post like an amateur
  15. Www.gthomegymequipment.com Link should work its on my browser now, try putting gt home gym equipment into Google and it'll come up