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  1. Eddie Hall Surfing

    Did you see the one where he was doing gymnastics and actually managed to end up doing a backflip. Pretty impressive for the big lad
  2. Who's still working ? Laid off? Looking for work?

    I was on a zero hours contract when all this kicked off but luckily I got a call asking if I want to work behind closed doors. I work at a garden centre nursery so weve set up online ordering... Judging from what I've been told it's mega hectic, no idea why people are so concerned about their gardens but at least I'll be able to make some pennies. My wife works for the NHS but as a midwife shes not on the immediate front line luckily.
  3. Amazon prioritising orders

    If I was ever in that situation I'd get the Mrs to ring my local sainsburys or whoever and try to arrange a home delivery. I live in a town rather than a city so it could work
  4. Price gouging

    6 quid for paracetamol?? What a blatant pi33take. I know there's a shortage of the stuff but even so
  5. Why am I not surprised that @LethweiUK was the first to comment...
  6. Who's got a drone?

    What you gonna do with it? Spy on your neighbour sunbathing when the weather heats up?
  7. Come on, admit it... Who watches WWE?

    Apparently he had a brain condition caused by concussions and head injury over the years which played a part in it. Similar to what rugby players are being diagnosed with nowadays. Im just finishing off series 1 then I'll crack on with this episode.
  8. Come on, admit it... Who watches WWE?

    It's still on mate, they're holding it in the WWE performance centre behind closed doors with no crowd. They're filming the special stipulation matches in other locations.
  9. Resistance bands are fu**ing s**t

    Cheers Sasnak just ordered myself some of the same. Will try not to blind myself like the fella up in the thread nearly did.
  10. Come on, admit it... Who watches WWE?

    There's a documentary series called Dark Side of the Ring and the new series has an episode about Chris Benoit. Looks interesting.
  11. Come on, admit it... Who watches WWE?

    Each to their own of course. Yes it's scripted but you can't say getting clobbered with a chair or a ladder wouldn't hurt. With the added storylines it's a live action storytale with athleticism.
  12. Come on, admit it... Who watches WWE?

    Is that where you got your fashion sense from?
  13. I'll put my hand up first. Regularly watch NXT and AEW. Will be watching Wrestlemania next weekend, intrigued to see what production they'll do during these ongoings. "Can you smellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll what the Dadbod is cooking"
  14. How long until thousands are dying everyday?

    Judging by the mess in New York it won't be long before the US hits this figure. I don't think (hopefully) here in the UK it'll get to such levels
  15. Is this wages 'thing' really fair?

    I can imagine. Puts your partner in an awkward situation. Hopefully once things get back to normal those people layed off will get first dibs if there's any vacancies