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  1. I think anyone who doesn't know the difference between "your" and "you're" is more of a lost cause to be fair.
  2. This is EXACTLY my current thinking. I'm half tempted to get these magic videos seeing as they're free and have a watch and find out what the catch is. There is almost certainly a big catch
  3. Right then entrepreneurs and self made millionaires of UKM....I keep getting these spam emails and YouTube ads popping up saying I can jack in my day job and create an online business, run it from anywhere in the world from my laptop and have the financial freedom to do as I please. The only thing I have to do is watch a couple of videos and follow a few quick and easy steps and I'm away. Has anyone actually done this? Are you now financially stable to say adios to your day job? Is it as easy as they claim, im very skeptic as everyone would be doing it if it were that simple surely? I'm on holiday this week and I'd love to be on holiday permanently. Can it be done or is it a load of nonsense?
  4. Klarna... Rip off scam or not

    My missus is always whingeing when I buy trainers so I thought I'd be smart and be like look I've spread the cost. Turns out it was utterly pointless. The twist in the tale is that they havnt even been bloody delivered yet.
  5. The Death of Supplement Shops?

    I agree, once when I was a newbie who thought all I needed to get massive was one scoop of maximuscle a day I went into a supplement shop and got shafted into buying a tub of Gaspari Super pump and had the shits for a week
  6. Tattoos! Why Pay sessions instead of time?

    Which part? The good bit or one of s**t parts of Crawley ? Joking aside that fella is a very good tattoo artist, good work you got there
  7. Guys and gyals, trannies and ladyboys....hope we are all well and covid 19 symptomless. So I was looking at some trainers the other day, ummming and ahhhhing and I noticed you can use Klarna to pay in 3 installments. I thought sod it for 3 payments of bugger all I might as well so I ordered them. Now today I get an email from them saying thanks for using Klarna blah blah blah your 1 payment (of the full amount is due on X date). I did an online chat with someone extremely unhelpful who said I chose that and there's sod all he can do but I'm adamant I did the 3 payments option. I checked my order on the trainer website and all it says under payment option is Klarna so not much help there. I would've just paid the full amount usually without this Klarna as I've always thought it must be a scam so now I'm thinking I was right all along. My own fault for being a tight ass (no bumming puns please)
  8. Tattoos! Why Pay sessions instead of time?

    You from Horsham then mate? Same here, where you train? Above the bed shop?
  9. Pubs may shut to allow Schools to reopen

    Hundreds of new covid cases confirmed in Spain just as the government allowed people to fly there. Doesn't take a genius to work out that these new cases are holiday makers who will bring it back to the UK with them. They've been stupid enough to go on holiday so they'll be stupid enough to not quarantine when they get back. I suggest anyone who passes on covid 19 should be criminally charged - GBH, ABH all the way to manslaughter if someone dies as a result.
  10. Any old skool ravers?

    Me and my white gloves, glowsticks and whistle used to get around abit... I live on the Southcoast so Sterns was a regular then we used to go to Milton Keynes for Helter Skelter and Dreamscape. The nuttiest rave I went to was at Fantasy Island at Skegness - a rave actually inside the theme park which was nuts when you're buzzin out your brain
  11. Saving for the future

    Cheers bud, so in other words just keep using my savings account and the ISA to syphon off a little bit of funds each month and leave it to sit in peace. Makes sense to me, definitely more sensible than trying to play city trader then having to explain to the wife where its all gone
  12. Are you a bedroom DJ?

    Seeing all these middle aged DJs coming out the woodwork and doing streaming sets I'm tempted to revisit my youth and get some decks. Back in the day I used to have some old belt drive decks but now I'm looking at a DJ controller like the Pioneer DDJ400... Has anyone got one? What's the verdict?
  13. What are good tattoos to get to become more hard?

    You could copy that Aaron Lambo fella with all his cool looking face tats
  14. Saving for the future

    Seeing as you lot know everything about everything I thought I'd pose this question to you... If I wanted to squirrel away some cash each money, not talking megabucks more like 1 or 2 hundred each month, wheres the best place to put it? I've got a save to buy ISA I put into but I'm wondering if there's a place for greater returns. I know nothing about trading or whatnot, when I read the info on some trading sites they make it seem like you can put in 200 quid and walk away with thousands but that's a load of bollox for sure.
  15. Tyson Fury upper back workout

    Waiting for the form police to comment