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  1. Anyone ever tried Myogen lab's before ? I used Dragon Pharma last Cycle but post injection in my Glute was terrible in the ending week 9-12 of Test E so kinda turned me off so thinking of obviously different slightly cheaper solution to Myogen & need thoughts maybe rip off ?
  2. Thank you ! Thank you !
  3. I did 0.5 eod & starting seeing abit of Gyno building up so I Buffed it to 0.75 eod . Ill be sure to add Nolva Alongside Arim but do you reckon I should buff up Arim too by 1 mg Arim + 20mg Nolva eod or leave it at .75 ? Thanks for advising Nolva didnt have it in mind would of been left off with B*tch Tits eoc ?
  4. Hey mate , your right im not super advanced but im devoted to learning & putting in effort to my body cause it's an amazing lifestyle . I'v done 2 past cycle , Test E 500 mg stacked with 50mg Turinabol a Day . Now im Just Finishing my 2nd Cycle of Test E 500 12 Weeks + 50 mg Stanazol/Winstrol 7 Week . Same PCT on Both Week 13-14 Nothing then 20mg of Nolvadex & 50 mg clomid per day during 20 days but both cycles I chose to put on lean mass & cut weight for when I Start bulking which is why im asking for advice on which to pick. But my Idea was Weeks 1 to 7 500mg of Testosterone enanthate and 400mg of Deca (both per week). 50mg every day of dboland I 1- 0.75mg of Arimidex Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Week 7 Stop Dbol + Arim week 10 stop Deca Week 12 Stop Test E week 15 PCT // The Same Or as a Experienced Member Advised For pct - 100mg clomid and 40 nolva every day for the first 2 weeks, 50mg clomid and 20mg nolva for the last 3 weeks (5 weeks pct in total) waiting on reply !!
  5. What's your thought's on for bulking ? deca + dbol + test e Is it too harsh to stack all 3 but results would be impeccable or safer route & stick to dbol + test e still a great cycle but deca would give that extra oomf . What PCT would you Recommend also ? Just gathering Community Intelligence haha Cheers
  6. Cycle Advice

    Test E & Turinabol
  7. Cycle Advice

    If you dont approve , Should i take out Anavar ? Or everything looks good
  8. Hey, was looking for some Experienced Advice before ordering my 2nd Cycle i have planned out ... Week 1 - 8: take 500 mg of test E per weekWeek 1 - 8 : take 1 pills of arimidex every other dayWeek 1 - 4: take 40 mg of Anavar per dayWeek 5 - 8: take 40 mg of winstrol per dayWeek 1 - 8: Take 4 Samarin per dayWeek 10 - 12 (PCT) : take 20 mg of nolvadex and 50 mg of clomid per day during 20 days. need to shred fat and put on some at the same time ... How should i split the Dosage and take them ? Should i switch to a Injectable Winstrol ? Or D-bol Winstrol ? Should i add HCG to PCT just really looking for some advice so i dont f**k this up lol thanks