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  1. Your favourite exercise in the gym ?

  2. Ultimately Shredded

    I’d at least up the clen to 100mcg, only 50mcg active compound in the ugl stuff
  3. How is that vital information to stop bloating
  4. I’m pinning the same compounds as you, 2ml of each, Ive decided to pin everyday through a slin pin 0.3 of test and mast and 0.4 of deca, quads, calf’s, delts and chest
  5. Any old skool ravers?

  6. Advice on use of AI

    250 for a trt dose is high, TRT is used to mimic natural/ high natural test levels, so your body and organs are capable of tolerating the test level, 250 is basically a low blast which means your body is going to be constantly under more stress and not given time to rest when coming off a blast. For AI dose, this is person dependant and the only way of knowing is bloods, but you can get an idea off trial and error..
  7. Gym re-openings

    Went back today, after coming off gear completely and no training for 2 months... weak as f**k I’ve now quit the gym again
  8. Rohm tren

    ROHM is good stuff, new label too so you probably haven’t got to worry about it being fake
  9. Deca cycle

    Your sust is 400mg per ml but your deca is 100mg...
  10. Rhom anavar-Legit?

    Surely the new labels aren’t faked yet, not being out long
  11. British dragon (New design) 1mil amps

    Lol big fail buy nexus
  12. If you want to use orals instead of steroid juice I’d trust all 3 labs
  13. Vial sterile still?

    It’ll be fine
  14. I took a beating today

    Vegan BLM supporter Cross fitter