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  1. Warrior anabolics??

    Got given a source from a YouTuber and he happens to only stock warrior, never bought anything as he’s a bit pricey... he also sells every prescription med you could imagine lol
  2. How many unemployed, how many working from home now?

    On furlough and still working full time gaffa is taking the piss
  3. Not to this day... can always tel a dodgy site when they stock all labs and nothing is out of stock
  4. Injectable AAS during summer

    Dbol and deca... Summer is cancelled
  5. Steak is supermarket prices
  6. Pharmax

    Interested in this lab too
  7. Thoughts Deca + Dbol + Test E

    Dropping deca at 10 weeks is pointless as it is a very long eater that takes a while to build up in your system
  8. Thoughts Deca + Dbol + Test E

    Yeah it’s fine, I’ve ran it with good results
  9. Fake ROHM and fake Infiniti when I used to get my gear from my mates gym...
  10. Planning my second cycle

    Probably would be worth upping the test dose to around 500-600. Deca at 300 is a dose to start with, you can always increase. Wouldnt use anavar less than 50mg, I’d possibly up proviron to 50 too. Apart from that, I’d of ran that cycle
  11. Planning my second cycle

    1ml is no good mate, that could be 100-500mg... What are the dosages?
  12. SG Test E 300mg

    SG is gtg Thin oils aswel
  13. Has anyone gave up using accutane?

    That looks proper itchy
  14. Any of you out clapping tonight? Not me.

    I don’t it, but it doesn’t turn my stomach and piss me off so much to make a thread about it
  15. Krakow who is been?

    Good as long as you have white skin