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  1. Introducing Myself and My Stack

    160kg, 110kg, 190kg for 5x5.
  2. Introducing Myself and My Stack

    GodsGift I will Google that. My nutrition is however on point, I track every macro and calorie accurately. I understand stronglifts is a beginner's routine, and I'm certainly up for considering a change. But I like it because it's easy to measure progress and I currently have to equipment. In your opinion what is the issue with stronglifts or other variants? Why do you believe them to be inadequate, there's lots of opposing opinions elsewhere on the net. I was adding weight every session for a while, it's slowed up now so basically I'm going to cheat and do a cycle, and if I'm going to do a cycle then I might as well do a big one. I know the stigmas involved with this, but if there's a shortcut frankly I'm gonna take it. *I have just looked up PHUL and PHAT. They do look good but I'm limited to a squat rack, bench and an olympic bar for the moment.
  3. Introducing Myself and My Stack

    Robbie; to add some substance to your dismissal. Are you implying I've not been lifting long enough to use this cycle, or are you implying I've not been lifting long enough to use any cycle?
  4. Introducing Myself and My Stack

    Swole Troll; that's really helpful and I'm sure its an intriguing read. However, I'm looking more for members' experience on this stack. Not really member's personal opinions on training or steroid use in general. I will read your link at a later date but since your post doesn't, in any way, relate to what I've asked nor have anything to do with the topic title would you mind removing it?
  5. Stronglifts 5x5 and Trenbolone

    Hi all. I use the stronglifts 5x5 routine, its; Workout a - Squats, Bench, Row. Workout b - Squats, Overhead, Deads. With a days rest between each. I add isolation exercises to each workout but do adhere to the days rest in between workouts. I'm now about to start a Trenbolone cycle My question is this; If I was to drop squats from one of the workouts and skip the rest day, would I get more out of my cycle or is the rest day still necessary? I obviously want to maximise the value of the cycle but Iam sticking to stronglifts for this cycle because I have the required equipment at home and am getting on with it well. I have already bought the cycle too. All opinions encouraged...
  6. Hello all, I have a few questions but thought I'd make a post first introducing myself and what I've been up to... Should save over long posts later on! I've been lifting for 8 months and id say the last 3 of them I've been doing it properly. I follow the Stronglifts 5x5 routine religiously and it's now got to the point where I'm unable to add weight, or at least regularly add weight weekly. I used Winstrol oral 50mg/day for 6 weeks, ending 6 weeks ago. Certainly noticed an improvement in tone and hardness but no massive strength increases. Which wasn't to be expected since I was at that point working with a deficit and losing fat. I have just purchased a Tren.A/Test.E cycle with Anastrozole, Cabergoline and Primobolan. I have Pregnyl, Nolvadex, Clomed for PCT. It has cost a fortune but there is no equally question that this is the real deal. Has anyone used this kind of stack, what are your experiences with it?