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  1. The worst I ever had was Atlas Pharma sustanon. Pinned my glute and could barely reach my socks every morning. Took a full week to get back to normal. Tried delts and couldn't sleep on that side. I warmed the vial up, tried different gauge and length needles and nothing changed. I couldn't run it long enough to see if it worked. That was the first and only time I've ever binned gear ..
  2. I can tell you of my experience with him. I'd just finished a 12 week test/EQ cycle and I did my first ever PCT after reading the advice on here. Still feeling crap for a while afterwards so I had a Medichecks test that showed a test level of 6 which I took with me to show him on my first consultation. I was honest with him and told him about my past use which has always been 500-600mg of test cycled two or three times a year with occasional orals. I thought that this was confidential information - not so. He gave me a Nebido shot there and then (£120) and said that he would write to my GP and suggest that future prescriptions may be supplied on the NHS which I thought was good of him as he didn't have to do that. A couple of weeks later I get a letter from my GP basically saying that they weren't prepared to get involved and that they had told Dr Savage to carry on treating me himself. However, attached to their letter was a copy of what he had sent them. This letter says that the patient has been using internet bought steroids for many years and now is in need of regular exogenous testosterone treatment due to suppression. I wasn't expecting this and as I haven't been back to the doc for anything since then I don't know if this use is now noted on my NHS records which obviously is not good for any future treatment I might need. I questioned him about this at my next appointment and he said that he had to be honest. Well I'm afraid I disagree. All he had to say was the suggestion of NHS prescriptions due to severe supression. I appreciated him asking whether Nebido could be supplied on a NHS prescription but why he had to inform them of any gear use I haven't a clue. Be careful what you tell him. In my experience he's not to be trusted with anything confidential.
  3. I've been back on TRT for about 5 weeks now after a 15 week Cyp/Deca/Mast cycle. Trying to eat and train the same and I'm down about 4kg so far. Not enjoying it one bit but trying to last 2 months then get bloods done. Can't wait to get back on ..
  4. I recently had a similar problem. I thought that the test level on my blood result was showing 64 nmol. I misunderstood the reading and somebody on here pointed out that it was actually >64 (greater than) as that was the limit that the clinic could measure. I took a medichecks test and it came back at 315 ..
  5. Does age have any influence on the effects of high estrogen - if so how?
  6. Test level on Dunning gear

    Yeah looking back on it's blindingly obvious now. At the time I believed everything on it even the regular reassurances by admin that the forum was nothing to do with Dunning and that they only allowed Dunning to post on there but not promote sales - hmmmm how naive I was. I think I first heard of this place on there somewhere along the lines of 'UKM? They're all a bunch of c**ts on there' which made me think 'well I'll fit right in then' ...
  7. Test level on Dunning gear

    There seems to be lots of support for Dunning which is encouraging. Being fair to them I've had good results in the past on their test E and Sustanon but this is the first time I've used their Cyp and as I said earlier on it didn't feel quite right. Zero sides from the Deca as well. I have faith in them and of course occasionally bad raws appear. I'll see what the Medicheck results are in a couple of weeks as I'll still be on the same dosages. I'm afraid I still don't get this first post stigma thing that seems to crop up regularly.
  8. Test level on Dunning gear

    Aaaaaaaah I see. Yourself and a few of the others that have noticed this are some of the folks whose opinions I value on here. Of course. I was reading the level as 64 and the text below says it's above the reference limit of 6 to 30. Hopefully my suspicions are wrong and it could be much higher. This lab is used by my TRT clinic for regular bloods when I'm off cycle so of course they wouldn't need to measure above the range stated. It makes sense now. I'll give it a couple of weeks as I've just introduced an AI to calm my estrogen down and then get a test from Medichecks. Thanks for all the input lads - much appreciated.
  9. Test level on Dunning gear

    6 to 30 nmol/L - the test was done by a lab that works with a well known TRT clinic.
  10. Test level on Dunning gear

    What are you talking about? What does one nine posts mean? I thanked you for your input when you said you'd had success with Dunning orals. I also said I appreciate your personal recommendation and that of your trusted friends who have done well with Dunning products. I said thanks - what do you want - a kiss? As I have already said, I didn't go back to the source as my experience is that they don't reply - ever. Guess you missed that part even though you managed to copy and paste it. So yes my first action was to come on here and ask for help as I've learned a lot over the last few months by reading this forum before making my first post. Also rapidly learning whose advice to listen to and who to laugh at. Guess which category you fall into?
  11. Test level on Dunning gear

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha that's hilarious. Maybe I'm one of your customers. Here's the test results.
  12. Test level on Dunning gear

    Here's some pics of the vials. Bought in June I think it was this year, expiry dates March, May and October next year.
  13. Test level on Dunning gear

    No I haven't only through past experience of emailing them with various questions and never getting any reply. I appreciate your recommendations. I suspect that it's underdosed and that's the reason I'm asking on here for opinions of more experienced people who are able to share their thoughts. Thanks for your input.
  14. Test level on Dunning gear

    I've been drinking the oil - isn't that the right way to 'present the compound to my body'? Are you telling me that I've been doing it wrong for the last thirty years? I don't understand the 1 post stigma. Doesn't everybody have to have one post and then as they post more ... well I'm sure you can work it out. How many posts do you have? Oh dear it appears to be one.
  15. Test level on Dunning gear

    I'm thinking the same now, just didn't feel right. I read the massive (70 odd maybe 80 page) thread on the bodybuildingmuscleandfitness.co.uk forum ages ago and believed it at the time. It seems that Dunning has this legendary status for being the cleanest, more accurately dosed gear there is produced my the most honest people on the planet. You know what they say about something sounding too good to be true. I've got 4 vials of their Test E as well. Not feeling too enthusiatic about that either ..