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  1. Never went crazy. 900mg nandrolone 400 test 3ius GH, 300mg masterone
  2. Points based immigration system

    Ironic coming from a Bulgarian, they despise virtually anyone whom is a shade more swarthy then they are. Except for you ofcourse betatwat, you happily boast about all the DeShauns and Jamal' s fancying your sister. You've slagged off British people on here quite a bit and obviously don't like British people or their opinions . You can simply grab your kin, climb back on your horse and wagon and fu_ck off back to your turd-world state and we'd all be better off. But that won't happen ofcourse not until you bring more of your mongol-turk brethren to leech off our tax money. But sooner or later when finally the good people of this country get their senses back and realise that an invader is an invader regardless of what the corrupt bankster home office says. Seen as you so embrace diversity you could bring all the Jamals, DeShauns, Sheetinders and Olabogoo's because you love multikulturalism don't you? God willing third scum here will one day have their backs to the wall along with the corrupt elite who brought them here
  3. Coronavirus conspiracies

    Evidence showing so far that it is far more contagious and deadly then previously mentioned. Parts of Northern Italy are on lock down, large cities in Iran are too. It's amazing that the health authorities here are saying how prepared they are when they struggle to cope on a regular Tuesday morning
  4. Points based immigration system

    So if you got Ill/injured shall we have you castrated?
  5. Sex a no go after test

    He said he's done a test but hasn't provided any numbers so how can we know exactly? We don't know his age either
  6. Points based immigration system

    Aren't you the one previously boasting about some nog commenting on the quality of whores in your swavy cesspit of a county? Hahaha alphatwat
  7. Points based immigration system

    The country is finished. By design. Jack Straw former home secretary admitted that they intentionally flooded the country with and I quote "The most diverse peoples" as to forever remove the notion that this is a white/Caucasian/European country and he also said to "rub it in the face of the far right". This was back in 2007. 13 years later and it's even worse. I can't believe anyone would look up to any politician when they are treasonous scum. But hey lets shut our mouths be forced into bankers wars, accept our ever increasingly sh_ittier existence as tax slaves whilst maintaining our stiff-upper-lips and saying together 'I'm alright Jack '
  8. Cheapest primo lab?

    Agree with all of the above. I'd be wary of "cheap" Primo and look to whom has consistent solid reviews regardless of price
  9. Favourite bulking stack

    Test Decca GH and insulin if you can afford it really if it comes to actual bulking regardless of health or how you look those 4 compounds will do it
  10. Cheapest place for trt treatment uk

    Gendergp? Care to give more info ?
  11. NPP vs Deca

    Not in my case. I noticed I piled on a great deal more weight (muscle and water) on Decca then NPP. Yes same drug different ester yet that's my experience. I prefer NPP for the ability to drop it in and out. Gives a much nicer look and pop as opposed to just "big"
  12. Sex a no go after test

    Fast majority of people who come off as in come off everything incl PCT recover within 3-6 months depending on age
  13. Low Testosterone blood results

    It works both ways then doesn't it I notice I'm the only one being singled out here
  14. Steroids and Joint health

    Beginning to think GH doesn't do anything really anything either for joints or tendons much in the same way as Decca. Once you come off it, pre-existing pains and niggles return. As decca, at best it provides a sort of cushioning around the joints tendons As the muscles inflate. This is based on me using it for 3-4months straight at a time.
  15. Low Testosterone blood results

    Conspiracy that testoerone levels have dropped significantly since the 1950's? I don't doubt a powder bottom like you loves more than just a conspiracy