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  1. I haven't seen Decca vials any less than 250-300mg
  2. No libido on cruise

    The only multiples you've performed for are your fellow bottom twinks at the chariots of fire, you skin flute lisping fairy Until you are able to get blood test results, I would add 25-50mg of proviron per day lower carbs and focus on other areas of your life as thinking about libido issues tends to make it worse
  3. Thank you mate. No PCT at all. I tapered off before my surgery and that was it. I had a sperm analysis 2 months off everything and it was low but surprisingly not too low. A couple of months after that my wife was pregnant. Out of curiosity I had a sperm analysis again and and I was high end so goes to show that most people do indeed recover although the first 2 months off libido was tanked and I felt shitty and irritable
  4. Proof, steroids cause brain damage

    6 gazillion lamp-shades
  5. Thanks mate much appreciated. It's a challenge especially as our 1st child is 3yrs old and is hyped up like a squirrel on acid You'd think that mate and I do know it's better then below 350-400 but after many years at supraphysiological doses for a number of years, you never feel the same
  6. You and your family

    Absolutely, and I was 21 or so at the time where I would barely ever get a sniffle , id say peak of my health and performance as I was still boxing but was also lifting and hasn't started hormones. Such aches and pains I honestly could barely move
  7. The bank loans the government money who in turn puts the British "subjects " as the guarantor. As jjtreml said you will see an increase in tax NI and most likely vat
  8. You and your family

    I did have the flu around 12 years ago, knocked the s**t out of me, bed-bound head felt like concrete, could barely sip water without feeling like I ran 2 miles
  9. What Good Films/Shows On Netflix Or Prime?

    There aren't any. They're all s**t
  10. Another 3 weeks lockdown kill me now

    Hahahaha lack of pussy, what a pathetic bottom feeder. You sound like the type of f**got who smears himself in honey to be tag fu_ced by the homeless
  11. I came off in the end of 2018 due to shoulder surgery then my wife and I wanted another child so I stayed off until she was pregnant (just had the baby last weekend) and haven't been on since. Had blood work a few months ago, total test was 460ng/dl
  12. Not exactly trt but for around 2 half years I ran minimum of 200mg per week (and up to a gram for a couple of months out of the year) with the only time using an AI was to drop water. Never during that did i feel out of whack (feel is different from medical data)
  13. Proof, steroids cause brain damage

    Waiting for proof, c0_ckbiker
  14. Same could be said with the "land of hope and glory" and JewSA case in point 'weapons of mass destruction '. Actually historically speaking, few match both foremtioned countries in facade,deception and outright lying