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  1. Price gouging

    Boycotts are the only option for profiteers
  2. Radiation exposure similar to Corona symptoms

    They do A few minutes of research will show you that
  3. The similarity between the symptoms radiation exposure and covid-19 are quite striking. Recent study by China showing in addition the the other health ramifications of covid-19, male patients are showing infertility. Radiation exposure shows a similar effect In Malaysia, IT installation technicians reported many of them being infertile along with other long term health problems
  4. Cv-19 when will it pass

    I agree Most of course aren't retarded or mentally challenged at all, spell-bound would be a better term. This 1984/brave new world hybrid will continue uamabaited yes unless a significant amount of people can truly see the top to bottom level of facade. However, this psychotic paedophilic predatory mafia will never stopped only through mass awareness of humanity and then subsequently heeded via dialogue as they create the legal system the political system, financial and monetary systems. Throughout their 300+ Years of domination they have metted out sheer brutality and would only understand brutality in kind. It's amazing that people fall for the continued "under threat" narrative. The media is lock stock and owned by the cartel and have been exposed with their lies. People have a short memory. Look at the twin towers, a monstrous lie which led to Afghanistan being invaded. Remember WMD's ? 45mins i recall, being pumped into the airwaves 24/7 even that led a lot of people to question it and over a million protested in London. But now we are led to believe the honesty of the media corps?? You have not even the so called (bogus) Elected officials not running the country but largely un-known technocrats. Last thing, did anyone notice that when the parliament past the corona act that the opposition (Corbyn) did and said absolutely nothing when our civil liberties were being stripped away? And he was a supposed champion for the oppressed. It's a horse and pony show
  5. Cv-19 when will it pass

    https://biohackinfo.com/news-bill-gates-id2020-vaccine-implant-covid-19-digital-certificates/ But I'm sure the retards here along with the general public will clap from their living rooms for this too. I'm honestly ashamed to be English/Anglo Saxon after witnessing how servile the people are to their degenerate psychotic masters The level of double speak around us is frightening and you've got your own people spying on their fellow man over a manufactured epidemic designed to put the boot to your face.
  6. Cv-19 when will it pass

    All the while maintaining your stiff upper lip and respecting your social betters. You won't have s car mate soon, and if you do it will be automated whereby you can journey on pre-selected destinations. If people were dumb enough to fall for the "muslamic " terrorism where so many freedoms and liberties were stripped away what do you think is going to happen now
  7. Cv-19 when will it pass

    Well articulated But this will go over most people's heads Vast majority here (and in the UK in general) will happily trade in their limited freedoms for the perception of security. The invisible enemy is the perfect tool for social manipulation followed by legislative change. I have zero hope anything will be done here to stop it.
  8. Can HMG replace HCG

    Bigger factor is the the price tag for HMG That's quite a lot of dough for someone who wishes to run it as part of a hrt regimen
  9. What’s everyone training today?

    Upper, outer medial delts for thickness. Tomorrow will be lower inner pecs for width
  10. Clap For The NHS

    Maintain that stiff upper lip English really are a slave race. Slurping schlomo schlongs since Cromwell
  11. In other words you've got fu_c_k all to say So receptive, brighter than an eclipse
  12. Did you learn history from edexcel and the history channel ? It just so happens much of what is taking place has been foretold in books, published in journals and even stared quite openly but obviously you missed that. If you cared you would look into organisations such As the royal institute for international affairs, Chattam House, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Rockefeller foundation, Frankfurt School of Economics. Think tanks are connected and funded by the wealthiest and most influential in human history. They have openly stated they wish for a World government with a drastically reduced global population. Where do you think you fit in all of this huh?
  13. Clap For The NHS

    Govs message of "protect the NHS, save lives " has to be one of the biggest examples of double speak since the fake war on terror . Whitehall and it's banking masters have been gutting the NHS and privitizing tax payer funded assests for 20 years along with a deliberate marginisation of the elderly to the point many haven't got a pot to piss in despite paying into the system all their lives. Winter 2017/18 saw a spike in seasonal deaths of an extra 30-40,000. But now the state and its apparatus gives a f_fuck? Oh brother At what point do the British 'subjects' actually take action against the traitorous clique of internationalists?
  14. You are aware the symptoms are almost identical to influenza, and this still is flu season, in addition, the media has been pumping this out on the airwaves non stop for nearly 3 months in turn elevating people's hypochondria ?