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  1. I went for a s**t today, out of all days. As I contemplated all the trees that gave their lives for the paper to caress my bottom, I could not help to ask: Is it fate? Or reality? Or both? Normally I don't give a s**t, but today I couldn't help but wonder who orchestrates the mindless slaughter of trees. These were REAL trees, REAL organisms. And now they have been reduced to a smelly, sludgy mess of worthless mass, only to be flushed into oblivion. Ask yourself, is it all worth it? For the sake of my bottom?
  2. Are Juicers far more vulnerable to CV?

    High blood pressure and bad lipid profile associated with steroid use would increase your risk I think
  3. You sound angry. Alternatively, you could contract Corona and die a painful death. Or pass it on to a family member or a loved one. It's about priorities I guess. Hope you ok though
  4. Why the secrecy over who's dying

    Worldwide there have been a few cases of people in their 30ties dying (with and without underlying conditions)
  5. Say goodbye to meals like this

    People are fu**ing dense. We can ride this thing out with limited disruption to supply chains if people don't panic buy. Our politicians knew this well in advance btw.
  6. Verbally abusive relationship

    @Test-e If you both want to make this relationship work (being married, after all), try to identify the root cause of her outburst. There's not much sense in snapping over small stuff, I bet she's got some unresolved issues and any small pin drop will cause her to snap. If not, then don't waste anymore time, the main regret I've had over past relationships is that I waited too long before ending things.
  7. Gym changing rooms

    Well, that's not a gym, and saying that they don't have separate mens/womens over in Europe is just not true
  8. Gym changing rooms

    Fake news. Sauna's on the other hand, are mixed most of the time, and they don't expect you to wear any clothing. Just a towel will do.
  9. My understanding is that only HGH causes hyperplasia. AAS cause hypertrophy.
  10. Reason for going the gym?

    Same as above, health (including mental), vanity, overall feel good Sex is so much better after a heavy workout. And the mrs digs it too (even though she claims it doesn't matter to her. Heh. )
  11. A basic guide to GHRP/GHRH Peptides

    What happens during the breakdown of reconstituted peptides? Do they breakdown in individual amino acids? Because if after 4 days they breakdown, then you might as well administer 1.5 or 2 times the amount you'd normally inject. Or have I got that wrong? 3 hours in between injections, ideally on empty stomach, and food/carbs ok 30 minutes after injecting? I'm starting this weekend, wanted HGH but don't trust source
  12. IPAMORELIN understanding check

    @Dannyb0yb how long you been using it?
  13. Alcohol reduces testosterone by 50%

    Alcohol is terrible, but not a lot of people realise it. And it brings in tax revenue so you don't get many public awareness campaigns about it. I used to drink a lot, until someone pointed out to me that alcohol is addictive. I always thought it was just psychological, like, you know, fancy a drink, but turns out that alcohol changes your neural pathways and the addiction is physical. I now completely stopped and feel much better for it. Don't even feel the urge anymore. I Smoking in general (weed or just baccy) is equally bad for many things. It weakens your cum so wouldn't be surprised if there is testo angle there too I quit smoking as well btw. One of my biggest regrets in life
  14. I've never hired a personal trainer

    There is a market for pretty much anything. I used to be against PTs because most of the information to get bigger and stronger (or whatever your goal is) is out there. You just need to make the effort to look for it and work hard. Having said that, some people need the motivation, support whatever it is they get out of their PT sessions, so why not? Especially if they are stuck. I was tempted but I haven't met one PT yet that is the complete package - meaning superb physique, understanding the science behind the exercises, nutrition, biochemistry, and so on. Many PTs depend on bro science or trial & error, and frankly if I am going to pay it needs to be someone who understand all aspects better than me. Too many cowboys basically before I'd put money into it