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  1. Finasteride

    Cheers for the input. On reflection I'm gonna explore some more.. accurately targeted/less extreme things before I go down this route though.
  2. Finasteride

    Like I said, I'm happy to make the trade off with dhts (sacrifice hair). Not fine with casually fu**ing myself up with 5ar inhibitors. Exploring my options for hair preservation, yes avoiding dhts is the best hair preserver don't bother restating it. I'm probably not even going to bother with finasteride at this point in time, first post gave the wrong impression, I was exhausted and was conflating/combining two separate drugs into one none existant drug. You can stop worrying about my knob now, your concern is noted though thanks buddy.
  3. Finasteride

    There are some knowledgeable guys around here, maybe someone could've saved me hours pawing through mind numbing ncbi stuff to - maybe- find answers to those pretty specific questions. Relax mate, dhts are a trade off I'm happy to make, just wondering if I can have my can and eat it. I'm an adult, if I decided to take finesteride and killed my dick forever it would be on me wouldn't it, and I wouldn't be back here to cry about it.
  4. Finasteride

    I've never had any of the listed possible side effects of any other drug before, it's wise to be aware of them and I am but hearing from others with first hand experience is not useless. You're right, I was thinking of something else when I said otc. I aren't just looking to be given the go ahead by a stranger while ignoring bad reports though. I'm in two minds, the sexual sides would be annoying but I wonder whether if I encountered them and decided to discontinue using it how quickly they would they dissipate. I get that's an individual thing with tons of variables and I've heard of people having trouble with it for a while, is it known what drives this? If 5ar isn't being inhibited anymore presumably dht level should recover and sexual function along with it? Does finasteride downregulate some receptors involved in libido? Or just having lowered dht for a period of time?
  5. Finasteride

    I have a basic understanding, I want to hear from people who have used it themselves though. This is an otc drug I'm considering trying at a lower than prescribed dose to assess my reaction and go from there. Your comment sounds like I was planning on smoking crack for a pre workout or some s**t. Are there not plenty of people out there who take finasteride and don't have any problems? What are the dangers in your opinion? I don't plan on just grabbing it and jumping on without knowing all the risks. Don't be so condescending.
  6. Finasteride

    That my hair is in it's way out in the next 5/10 years regardless of AAS probably, so I'm looking at ways to extend it's lifespan long before it gets silly looking. If it's doable without sacrificing too much, why not? Baldy just doesn't suit me.
  7. Finasteride

    Cheers ill take a look, have you noticed any bad sides yourself?
  8. Finasteride

    I aren't really even losing my hair to any serious extent but the hairline has changed a little over the last few years and planning to throw some dhts at myself when gyms open up if it's not too impractical to even do a real workout with new rules/new people just messing about. Is the topical stuff less problematic? I'm sure I've seen some research somewhere saying it had little to no effect on systemic dht, never thought about that when considering the oral version. And yeah, I am a phaggot, braved the shave during lockdown when I let the missus attempt to cut my hair and it wasn't a good look at all.
  9. Hi sorry if this is the wrong section, not sure where to put it, anyway I'm just wondering if anyone knows of a version of finasteride which is oral in solid tablet form? Wouldn't mind giving it a go but trying out a low dose. Dunno how practical it would be with liquid versions. Does what I'm looking for exist? Can't seem to find any myself. Cheers.
  10. Tren a sleepers

    Guess I got lucky with the first one I tried, I did consider trying mirtazapine also but really glad I went with trazodone. OP non ssri antidepressants is an avenue I would go down before resorting to Z drugs/sedatives ect, there are many to choose from which cause drowsiness iirc but whatever you do don't get palmed off with an SSRI by the doctor, they seem to love handing them out but they would probably worsen your predicament. If you're clear that you only want it for help sleeping that shouldn't be a problem but I've dealt with some pretty unhelpful GPs at times so just a warning.
  11. Tren a sleepers

    Yeah, diazepam should be a no go in my opinion. Had my fun with it in my early 20s but it turns you into a zonked out retard real quick, did for me anyways.
  12. Tren a sleepers

    The thing with zolpidem is it is addictive in a similar way as zopiclone afaik, and can make you act really strange in a similar way too if you don't go straight to sleep or don't stay asleep for long. Maybe not too bad for a short cycle, I wouldn't risk using it regularly for more than a week or two personally though.
  13. Tren a sleepers

    Maybe ask your doctor about a drug called trazodone, I take it every night for easier sleep. I'm not aware of it being detrimental to sleep quality, it does the trick pretty fast too at 150mg. I've also heard a few bits about it possibly helping to prevent degeneration of your brain and things like dementia/alzheimers but I don't know how true that is.
  14. Once life goes back to normal.. China

    So what do you know about it then since you seem to think you're the authority on Chinese history around here? Have a look at this you numpty: "The root of today’s problem began in the late 1970s, when China embarked on an unusual agricultural experiment of wildlife farming. The country had passed through two decades of severe economic distress, including famine and food shortages, under Chairman Mao Zedong’s communist rule. As part of sweeping rural reforms, the collective farming system was abandoned." from this article: https://www.motherjones.com/food/2020/03/the-surprising-history-of-the-wildlife-trade-that-may-have-sparked-the-coronavirus/ Probably alot more info on it out there if you care to have a look dummy. China was a horrific place to be under Mao and still is today, his party still runs the show today still gives zero f**ks about it's own citizens or those of foreign countries, pull your head out of your arse.
  15. Once life goes back to normal.. China

    I wasn't in China pre 1970s to confirm but I've seen nothing to suggest otherwise, calm down pal do you think the ccp is innocent in all this then? Good input