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  1. I second that. It really depends from person to person. Some people tolerate certain orals better in comparison to others. Now I have completely stopped taking any orals but earlier when I was taking I could not tolerate higher doses of t-bol.
  2. My diet is rubbish

    I personally stopped consuming sugar for almost 1 year and I noticed that my weight dropped a lot initially but after sometime, it just plateaued. Now, I use a lot of weights and I guess that is helping me slowly but its still not very significant.
  3. Smashing!

    I also crave Tuna after a workout sometimes. I don't why but after workout it somehow tastes really good!
  4. Oat Protein Cookies [TASTY]

    I purchased some oat cookies and some quinoa cookies around 3 weeks ago from a store and they were horrible in taste. Thanks for sharing the recipe, I'll try it and I hope it will taste good
  5. Products containing ephedrine

    Search for something like an alternative of ephedrine online and then see what can work for you.
  6. Not lost weight in 2 months but

    I am also experiencing also similar kind of effect but not very significant because I have not lost any inches off my waist but from my thighs, so does that mean I am also on the right track or not? Please advice, I am a little confused.