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  1. I do get the importance, I would hate for someone else to go through the same, I guess there was a part of me thinking it could be possible I did something wrong with the injection rather than the unsterile oil I injected but I have thought about this long and hard, and honestly, I’m quite strict and consistent with the practices I take. (Nursing background) and having done this many times in the past, it has to be the oil I injected. I got my first glimpse of the wound yesterday, really upsetting to look at. It looks huge I am going to be left with scar tissue. On the plus side I haven’t had any more puss removed, it’s just being packed daily and cleaned. i am still on the IV antibiotics, and I’m getting frequent visitors. I’m in good spirits, it could have been much worse, x
  2. This made me feel terrible. I’m so sorry I have upset you Devil. The lab is called Crown Pharma. i have never used before. Sorry for withholding the Lab information, I just wasn’t sure on the ruling here.
  3. update. Came out of Surgery late last night. Settled on the ward. I am on a permanent drip as they are giving me antibiotics by IV Surgeon told me that the Bacteria infection was deep and they had to take out over 200ml of Puss from my wound and it will possibly need draining again. They have left the wound open because it will heal better apparently, i haven't seen it yet. Mum and Dad are coming up to visit me this morning, so ill get my first glimpse. I can't walk and won't be walking for another day or 2 and i have also been told that i may not be allowed home until the weekend Regarding competing, i was hoping to be on a PCA show that i have done before in April, but that is not possible now. I am likely to be missing the gym for the next couple of months I am absolutely devastated guys. I have had a few guys ask me which lab it was that i purchased, and whilst i do understand the reasoning behind the request, unless one of the moderators thinks that the correct action i wont be revealing. The repercussions of this have been incredible. Health, Work , child care, family etc etc, I know it could have been far worse, but it could have been far better too. Iv'e deleted facebook lol.. Sorry i can't reply to every message individually, but i do thank everyone of you for the messages of support. Lovely group of guys xx
  4. Can i just thank everyone on this forum for pushing me into the Hospital. I have been told my a Doctor here that any more delay could have cost me my life, and im still not in the clear yet.. I am going in for urgent surgery. I am expecting to go in shortly. I will have to be put under a general anesthetic, (this scares me...) I have a badly infected Abscess that needs cutting open and draining. I have always had a fear of going under anesthetic and have managed to avoid it for 3 decades, sadly avoid i can no longer do. Guys, i did everything that i normally do. I showered before the injection, i use alcohol swabs on the injection site, i use a brand new Green Needle to draw up the oil and i use a Blue needle to inject. I have never had a problem before. facebook really did fu** me up. Thank you so much Guys, i am still unclear on what to expect after the operation, tbh i am just concentrating on one step at a time. I guess i will not be competing this year either Shelly x
  5. Guys thanks so much for all your advice, i went to bed quite worried about this. I have been up all night, the sweats, chills, fever, i really am quite poorly. I have had to tell my parents. We are going to the Hospital shortly. I feel absolutely terrible, Thank you for all your help. I will check in with you when i get home later. much love xx
  6. Was hoping you wouldnt say that, but starting to think thats probably the best call of action. I may have to do just that, Im more frightened of the family finding out than the infection! I will see how it is in the morning and go from there, thank you x I know it does look that way, but the infection has spread across to my cheek. I did inject in the top quarter. thank you for your advice. x
  7. Hey Guys, Purchased some steroids from a contact on facebook, (i know, i know, doh...) and i'm now starting to worry and could do with some advice please from someone. I have attached a pic of the area. Yes i have used steroids before, i usually do a little primo cycle, this time i opted for some testosterone involvement. I injected into buttock on Monday, and the next day, did get some soreness but just thought it was down to not injecting since last cycle over a year previously. as each day has gone on, the area has got worse. i keep hoping to wake up and find the problem going. Its now sunday, a whole 6 days later, and now i'm in lots of pain. I can't even sit down, my butt is twice the size of the other one, very hot to touch, last night i didn't sleep because i had cold sweats and chills all night. I really don't want to go to the hospital because my family do not know i use steroids, but likewise i am obviously now getting concerned. I have started some antibiotics today that forum member Lisa gave me, (it was Lisa that advised me to join here and get your guys expert advice.) How long before the antibiotics will take effect please? Should i be worried? Sorry for what seems obvious questions to some guys, i am just little bit frightened at the moment. x