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  1. Gh

    Hello everyone, im new to the site ive been bodybuilding for 15 years and competed in a few area shows. Placing 2nd 3rd ect. Never really nail or peaked so to say on the day but otherwise looked decent. My question is im looking at running a course again. But adding GH now ive never hsd GH so any recommendations on brand and dosages looking to lose BF so no doubt my course will include more cutting agents than bulk compounds. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Bicep recovery

    Had my bicep operation to repair my attached bicep last year, its now been around 6 months and i have started to regain alittle strength but nothing compared to where i was not even half. Can anyone relate and tell me if i will regain strength and start to fill my arms out again. I struggle to complete a full work out my arm feels alien.. a y advice would be welcome thanks.