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    Cam-100 reacted to TERBO in Blast and cruise or cycle.   
    Yes that's them... as said, have a look at below thread mate
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    Cam-100 reacted to Lloyd H in Blast and cruise or cycle.   
    Sort of disagree with this,
    what about the successful fertility protocols many bodybuilders use to conceive when they blast and cruise which have been posted on here,  also the people who blast and cruise who conceive even on heavy cycles of aas with  no hcg, hmg etc which have been posted on here
    Same as people on legitimate TRT from their early twenties who need it, what your saying is they will never have children? Far from it, that's why their endo or gp will prescribe HCG along side thier trt dose to help with fertility If that's thier decision
     Choice is the OPs really.
    Not saying blast and crusing is a good thing, far from it but from a fertility point of view there is options for those who blast and cruise
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    Cam-100 reacted to TERBO in Blast and cruise or cycle.   
    If you're are going to PCT then would be 21 days grace from last jab (use hcg during that time if you haven't used on cycle) then 4 weeks PCT, so 7 weeks plus the 12 is 19 weeks, then the same amount of time off.
    But, if you're planning on going back on very soon, then pointless doing a PCT.
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    Cam-100 reacted to Mingster in Blast and cruise or cycle.   
    My genuine advice would be to do neither unless you have a very good reason.
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    Cam-100 got a reaction from sean m in Cycle   
    The cycle I did was test 400 & decca on a 12 week cycle. 
    my height is 5’8, I’m currently around 13%  Body fat. 
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    Cam-100 reacted to PSevens2017 in Cycle   
    That’s 92% of this forum fcuked then 
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    Cam-100 reacted to Ekcabe in Cycle   

    20 weeks 
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    Cam-100 got a reaction from Lowkii in Cycle   
    Thanks mate. Appreciate the help. 
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    Cam-100 reacted to Lowkii in Cycle   
    People only say that because of the old "deca di*k" thing., If you can control sides you shouldn't have any issues. But if you're going to stay away, maybe try using higher test and dbol or anadrol. Orals can be used for 8 weeks without issues. Just keep on top of liver support and you'll be fine. I personally have never ran any type of liver supplement. Nothing water can't fix.. And I have used many different orals. If you really want to stack another Injectable with your test you could look into EQ (equipoise). I've not used it myself but i would personally pick that over mast. It will make you hungry as hell which will aid in getting bigger/size and the gains will be lean and steady.
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    Cam-100 reacted to Lowkii in Cycle   
    I've been training for 7 years... Started steroids about 2 years in as well. Maybe year and half... I'm currently blasting and cruising.
    At the moment I'm running Test, Deca, Dbol, Anadrol.
    Added in the Anadrol today after 4 weeks of Dbol...
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    Cam-100 reacted to One rep max in Cycle   
    Keep it simple that way you know where the sides are coming from and always start low and work it up 
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    Cam-100 reacted to Malin in Cycle   
    Bit pointless you run deca in short cycles like those, it doesn't hit full saturation until 8th week or so, you were on 400mg/w for only a month
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    Cam-100 reacted to Lowkii in Cycle   
    I understand mate, trust me. I would considered myself a hard-gainer. Yeah I reached 15st naturally but it wasn't a clean 15st... But being natural at the time you can't have it all. I'm not trying to take away from your achivements, you've put the time and effort in before using steroids which is more then a lot of people.
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    Cam-100 reacted to norwegianhammer in Cycle   
    when you are ready to come back to reality just let us know
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    Cam-100 got a reaction from Sasnak in Cycle   
    Before starting the cycle I was around 12st 10 I am currently now weighing at 13st 8