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  1. Help please lads

    Did you have the test done? I’m in a similar boat expect I have only ever cycled never blasted and cruised.
  2. What would people recommend? To cruise and blast or do it in cycles?
  3. PCT

    I am just starting a PCT I have picked up the beliw serpafar - 1 a day for 30 days tamoxifen - 1 a day for 30 days pregnyl - 3 jabs in first week what do people think?
  4. What PCT would you advise what are they called? Tamoxifen? Clomifene?
  5. So if I am to cycle what would you advise on a PCT?
  6. And you think it’s one of the best things you’ve done? I think I may cycle for now and maybe cruise in later life but you’ve had no side effects or anything? Would you think of stacking something with the test?
  7. I am wanting to make a living out of it and when would you advise to do another cycle?
  8. Very true comment mate. There’s a lot I need to take in to consideration.
  9. See this what I was thinking for my next cycle maybe test 400 + dbol mate
  10. Would you advise to 12 weeks off then? Considering I done 12 weeks on?
  11. I haven’t before, I got some advise that a dude said to cruise because I would be causing more harm coming off then back on
  12. Just finished a 12 week cycle of test 400 and decca mate (finished on the 17th).
  13. I’m 22 years old, I would like kids (it’s what I worry about, not being able to have kids) ive just done a 12 weeks course of test 400 and decca, now I’m currently off (have been since the 17th) but I am unsure now to take 12 weeks off with a pct or cruise on test e, what’s your views mate?
  14. Cycle

    Hi guys, I have just finished my first cycle of steroids, I was taking test 400 and decca. i was on for 12 weeks, can any one advise how long I cycle off for?
  15. Cycle

    The cycle I did was test 400 & decca on a 12 week cycle. my height is 5’8, I’m currently around 13% Body fat.
  16. Cycle

    How long are you running decca for? I am thinking to run test 400 and dbol for my next cycle.
  17. Supplements

    What’s people’s suggestions on best supplements to take? Im currently taking L- Glutamine creatine
  18. Supplements

    Why do you think to throw glutamine in the bin? What do you think to BCAA’S?
  19. Cycle

    Thanks mate. Appreciate the help.
  20. Cycle

    I was thinking avoiding the decca next time because it looks like a lot of people say to stay away from the decca, maybe just test 400 and dbol or anadrol?
  21. Cycle

    Thanks for that I like to get as much knowledge as possible and of course knowledge is power, I do regret getting more knowledge before jabbing but I guess it’s slightly to late now. I have noticed a hell of a lot of people have advised to stay away from decca.
  22. Cycle

    Sounds good you’ve been training a lot longer then me and have a hell of a lot more knowledge, what would you advise for my next cycle? I was maybe thinking test and mast? Im looking for size not so much strength
  23. Cycle

    This is my point I haven’t got much knowledge in steroids and this is why I have joined this page, what would you advise to run?
  24. Cycle

    Yeah I never wanted to jump straight on gear I wanted to stay natural as long as possible, what gear did you run or are currently running?
  25. Cycle

    Yeah you maybe was 15st natural, however you haven’t took in to proportion my height? This has a big roll to play on weight.