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  1. Hi Guys, im wondering if anyone can help, if I am doing 12 weeks on and 12 weeks off does the the 12 weeks off begin once I’ve finished my PCT or the day I start my PCT? any helps appreciated.
  2. Well not false, I was unsure if being on cycle lowers sperm count
  3. Appreciate the response mate. Thank you
  4. Hi guys, would there be any point getting a semen analysis while on cycle? I’m guessing this will just give a false count? How long would you guys wait to get the test after I’ve finished the PCT?
  5. PCT

    Unfortunately for me from me not doing any research and just wanting to get “big” I pinned a load of test 400 and deca in me and my levels never hit a reasonable level after 7 months... one thing I do hope is that it doesn’t mess with my fertility!! (Of cause this is going to be risk when taking AAS)
  6. PCT

    Got you mate, I’ve only even ran 2 cycles one being test and deca and the one I’m running now just test e, I didn’t really know what I was doing with my first cycle so I made the mistake of sticking loads of deca in me without any research! feel so much better on test e and not got the gains I had on deca of course but I have gained a reasonable amount... mood libido etc have been pretty good!
  7. PCT

    What’s the reasons your stopping at 9 bud?
  8. PCT

    Thanks mate.
  9. PCT

    Hi guys, im currently coming to the end of my cycle (12 weeks). I’ve been running TEST E at 2ml pet week, can anyone advise me how long after my last pin I begin my PCT. thanks.
  10. Thanks for the help bud, luckily I haven’t had any puffy nipples (as of yet) so I’ll see how I get on with an AI
  11. So do you need to have nolva along with AI? Or just an AI
  12. With out sounding stupid bud what’s AI? I’m 6 weeks into my cycle I had done 5 weeks on sus 250 and now I’ve jumped on to test e and since then my nipples have become pretty sore... Am I correct by saying Nolva is another brand name for tamoxifen? thanks for the help bud.
  13. Has anyone ever experienced sore nipples while being on cycle?
  14. Proviron on cycle.

    What links do mass and proviron have?