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  1. Help please lads

    Did you have the test done? I’m in a similar boat expect I have only ever cycled never blasted and cruised.
  2. PCT

    I am just starting a PCT I have picked up the beliw serpafar - 1 a day for 30 days tamoxifen - 1 a day for 30 days pregnyl - 3 jabs in first week what do people think?
  3. What PCT would you advise what are they called? Tamoxifen? Clomifene?
  4. So if I am to cycle what would you advise on a PCT?
  5. And you think it’s one of the best things you’ve done? I think I may cycle for now and maybe cruise in later life but you’ve had no side effects or anything? Would you think of stacking something with the test?
  6. I am wanting to make a living out of it and when would you advise to do another cycle?
  7. Very true comment mate. There’s a lot I need to take in to consideration.
  8. See this what I was thinking for my next cycle maybe test 400 + dbol mate
  9. Would you advise to 12 weeks off then? Considering I done 12 weeks on?
  10. I haven’t before, I got some advise that a dude said to cruise because I would be causing more harm coming off then back on
  11. Just finished a 12 week cycle of test 400 and decca mate (finished on the 17th).
  12. I’m 22 years old, I would like kids (it’s what I worry about, not being able to have kids) ive just done a 12 weeks course of test 400 and decca, now I’m currently off (have been since the 17th) but I am unsure now to take 12 weeks off with a pct or cruise on test e, what’s your views mate?
  13. What would people recommend? To cruise and blast or do it in cycles?
  14. Cycle

    The cycle I did was test 400 & decca on a 12 week cycle. my height is 5’8, I’m currently around 13% Body fat.
  15. Cycle

    How long are you running decca for? I am thinking to run test 400 and dbol for my next cycle.