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  1. 12 or 16 weeks pct/off gear

    That one was actually for my m8 lol we both went on at the same time and we both use this account but ok lol
  2. Going back after phew jabs

    Ok cool so it will be as if ive never done it? No sides? Even after lets say 3 jabs. Also have u seen people do this before? Sorry for all the questions.
  3. Going back after phew jabs

    Honestly can i actually do that?
  4. Hi all ive been on gear for abit now but sort of regret it. Ive only done 2 jabs in my glute both being 150mg of test e only. Is it too late to stop?
  5. Chances of injecting into a vein

    50/50?? i hear people have been pinning for 7 years with 0 issues. Im doing it in my glute btw. But still, im just curious. What has the girl with the abscess got to do with this?
  6. I have seen people say that you should aspirate when doing my test e glute shot. Do i need to do this? What are the chances of hitting a vein? Like out of 100
  7. 12 or 16 weeks pct/off gear

    No so basically doing a cycle for a certain amount of weeks, lets say 16. Then stopping for 16 weeks with 4 weeks of that being pct.
  8. Hi all!!! im doing 300mg a week of test e for my first cycle Im planning to do 16 weeks on and then do a 16 week off stage where i pct, but if i do 12 weeks on gear can i come off for just 12 weeks? is that how it works?? For example 12 weeks on 12 weeks off, 16 weeks on 16 weeks off 10 weeks on 10 weeks off. What do you think?
  9. i see alot of people who lose fat and actually get leaner whilst they are bulking on their first cycle mainly because its their first cycle. is this a common thing even if you are pushing up bodyweight when doing a heavy bulk. i saw a guy lose 1.5 inches off his waist and gained 25lbs of weight and you could tell he was considerably leaner. is this a common thing for most peoole on their first cycle? how much is the most you have seen someone lose while pushing up bodyweight?
  10. how long into your first ever cycle should you notice hair loss if you are prone to it because from what ive seen most guys on gear havent even lost theirs..or are they taking something i dont know about? is there anything people take to avoid this from happening? or anything along the lines of this? But yh in general, how early? Like the first week? thanks in advance
  11. Hi all!!! ive just done my first jab of test e in my right glute(upper outer) Everything went smooth and painless until i pulled the shringe out and a little bit of blood came out and went down my leg. It stopped as soon as i put an alcohol swab on it. I think i caught a vein on the way out and most of the people on these forums claim that it is nothing to worry about. On the day it was completely painless and i was fine. Obviously with it being my first ever jab my glute was hurting the following day with some swelling. Is ok to jab that glute again or do i have to inject my left glute instead? Or can i just keep jabbing my right glute? Thanks in advance.