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  1. My journey to maybe stage 1 day

    Leg day was good. Got some personal bests today. I did Smith squats at the end to finish off the quads instead of split squats. Legs were so pumped walking downstairs was hard lol. No work today, so after the gym I just sat and relaxed I dont do cardio on leg day.
  2. My journey to maybe stage 1 day

    My diet this week was 90% clean. I get forced by family to to eat food that are not part of the diet. I have told them today that it will no longer happen and that my diet will be what I say Maybe that is what is causing my weight to not drop. I will not drop anymore food from the diet or increase cardio. I will try Monday to Saturday follow the diet 100% I had a homemade chicken burger on Wednesday and yesterday had a Pakistani meal which was chappati. I will follow the diet 100% and hopefully lose weight.
  3. My journey to maybe stage 1 day

    Today will be leg day. So the agenda in leg day is simple. Heavy and as many reps and beat that log book. Squats 2 sets 1 loading set and 1 deload set 6-10 reps 12+ reps Leg press 2 sets same as squats Stiff legged deadlifts 2 sets 6-10 reps Split squats. This is a new exercise I am trying today 2 sets 12-15 reps Lying curls 3 sets 10-15 reps Maybe leg extensions to finish 3 sets 12-15 reps Isolation movements more volume to focus on squeezing. Compound heavier as this a compound moment. Getting strong on this is important.
  4. My journey to maybe stage 1 day

    Today is my check in. Weight went up. I was shocked and surprised. What is happening. I really do not understand. Is the scale not working properly. I did 160 minutes of cardio and reduced calories. I did measurements and lost 1 inch from hips and 0.4 from waist and rest was the same. How would I gain weight and would drop, so I have a feeling the scale is acting up. I will need get a measured weight item and see if its accurate
  5. My journey to maybe stage 1 day

    Tomorrow I am going to work earlier, so this means I will wake up at 7 and go for a shoulder and cardio workout. I will try and do cardio if time permits. Saturday will be arms maybe depending because I have work at 10 am on that day. My split varies because my shift pattern at work changes every week but regardless of what split I do the week, I try to get my numbers on the log book matched or beat. Muscle will grow from overload but correct overload with good form is important. A example is my back workout. I put my ego to the side and I lowered the weight. I focus on pulling with the elbows rather than shrugging and getting more trap involvement. Bodybuilding is all about learning. Learn from mistakes and correct them.
  6. My journey to maybe stage 1 day

    Today was a back session, did not do cardio yesterday. Was not feeling great due to the cold, so I decided to rest for today back workout. Back workout was good, got personal bests in all lifts. I have been doing deadlifts. Great exercise. I have been focusing on getting stronger but with good form. My back workouts are simple. I stick with basic rows and 1 pull down movement to warm up and pre exhaust the muscle. I did 2 sets 6-10 reps on compounds and 8-12 reps on isolation movements. I did my cardio today as well. My legs are feeling more sore using the cross trainer compared to the treadmill.
  7. My journey to maybe stage 1 day

    Will do. We came and conquered
  8. My journey to maybe stage 1 day

    Thank you. I agree size is not everything. Being shredded is important and having size and separation is important and sometimes even more
  9. My journey to maybe stage 1 day

    Good chest session. I went lighter today to focus on form, so this meant better form was used. I went lighter because I still have the cold. Nose is still blocked and still have sinus. This is annoying me but I still did my cardio and weight session I will hopefully see a weight drop in bodyweight this week. I did my cardio on the cross trainer and was sweating like mad. I understand sweat loss does not mean fat loss but if you are sweating then to me that shows the effort being put in great. Tomorrow is a cardio and abs session.
  10. My journey to maybe stage 1 day

    Thank you. I have been wanting to compete but I am way too small. I understand now after reading back what I wrote. I will give it my best try. Thanks
  11. I am 28 years old living in Scotland. I have decided to use this as a log book to motivate me and maybe motivate you. I am cutting at the moment and want to see where it takes me. I am 103 kg right now and want to get to 80 kg and see how I look. I have not trained in 3 days due to the cold, so I have been resting up drinking of fluids and ensuring I dont miss any meals. Tomorrow will be chest and biceps. I use a log book to track my progress every week to ensure I am getting better. I am old school. Chest session will be. Barbell incline 2 sets 1 loading set and 1 deload set Dumbbell incline 2 sets 1 loading set 1 deload set Machine press 3 sets 8-10 reps incline fly or pec fly 3 sets 8-12 reps Biceps seated dumbbell curl 3 sets 12-15 reps ez curl 3 sets 12-15 reps cardio. Target is 180 minutes a week. Slowly decreasing carbs from diet I can post diet if people want to see. I have a training day plan and rest day plan.
  12. cut vs bulk pictures

    I finished a bulk and now I am cutting, I want to see what you all look like bulk vs cut. It would be interesting to hear who did a dirty bulk vs a clean bulk and what do you think is optimal. Here is my cut vs bulk pictures
  13. want to do a natural show

    here is me at my leanest
  14. want to do a natural show

    I am thinking of competing in a natural show. I have finished a bulk and have been cutting for 2 months. can you please look at my pictures and critique. I will post pictures when I was at my lightest, which was 82 kg and pictures now at 103 kg. here are pictures from last week.
  15. 3 incline pressing movements in chest session

    I do chest and biceps. I train my triceps on shoulder day. I do close grip and overhead or maybe sometimes a dip movement then overhead