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  1. My journey to maybe stage 1 day

    I am thinking of making some changes into my routine by training legs twice a week instead of once. I can then focus on quads and hamstrings effectively. Sunday Legs- Quad focused with light hamstrings Monday rest Tuesday- Chest and biceps Wednesday - Back Thursday - rest Friday - Hamstrings with light quads Saturday - Shoulder and triceps I also increased cardio by 5 minutes. I will hopefully drop some weight next week.
  2. My journey to maybe stage 1 day

    Not been on here in a while. I have been busy with work and relaxing. Training has been going good. No weight loss this week because I was on holiday for 3 days and I did not diet properly. I trained legs today with my younger brother, it was his first session. I am really proud of him. I really pushed him but not too far as I do not want to put him off the gym. My legs were sore and my brother was limping as well lol.
  3. Training legs twice a week

    I would do quads on Sunday and do hamstrings on Wednesday giving me 2 days of rest
  4. Hello, what do you think of training legs twice a week. Like a push pull routine. I was thinking of doing this. Chest and biceps Back Rest Hamstrings focused with light quads Shoulders and triceps rest Quad focused with light hamstrings I find if I do quads and hamstrings on same day my hamstring portion suffers because of fatigue. I want to really train quads and give it all my all without worrying about saving energy.
  5. What are your thoughts ? I have squatted in 2 never did front squats as shoulder problems never let me. I always did squats with a raised heel because of ankle mobility.
  6. Decline vs incline?

    I have been doing barbell as I find dumbell hard to progress with as the dumbell jump too high in weight My gym has 27 kg, 30 kg, 32 then 35 up to 70 kg.
  7. Decline vs incline?

    Do you prefer dumbbell or barbell?
  8. Decline vs incline?

    In your opinion what is best for the upper chest or overall chest development according to the EMG studies? I do lots of incline movement and was always conflicted of decline. Dorian Yates has said that decline is great but his earlier videos, he did incline and not decline.
  9. Training with UIT

    Sorry miss spell lol, you are right
  10. Training with UIT

    Hello, I went to the doctor yesterday. I was getting pain after urinating. I went to the dr as I suspected was UIT urinary tract infection. I had it last year, so I knew the symptoms. I am taking antibiotics but wondered about training. Dehydration makes the pain worse
  11. HIIT vs LISS

    I do LISS. it is not slow like a snail pace. I am usually sweating and struggle to hold a conversation. I believe moderate pace is best for fat loss. Diet will be key component for fat loss.
  12. My journey to maybe stage 1 day

    Chest day and cardio, got personal bests today. Cut has been ok, losing inches strength has been ok as well.
  13. Squats lower back pain

    Watch videos on YouTube. It can be mobility issues or not bracing. I squat with my heels raised as I have issues in ankle mobility issues. You can try squatting with a raised heel and try. Film yourself squatting and we can then see what's the issue.
  14. Smith squat

    I was never able to do front squats due to shoulder mobility Leg press I would have feet low and close
  15. Smith squat

    What are your thoughts on smith squats or hack squats to replace back squats? Dorian yates, jp do hack squats and Smith squats I find back squats for me hits more glutes and hamstrings because i have to go wide on my stance. I find smith or hack better on my quads. What are your thoughts?