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  1. Talking about normal doses here no more than 20-30 gram at a time. I feel like my serotonin drops when I consume whey protein and I feel moody. I even feel a mild 'brain' fatigue () for a while after drinking whey. It is hard to explain but those who get it will understand me
  2. Now then that's some solid reminder for me Forgot about coco pops. Adding them to my next grocery list. Thanks.
  3. Heya, I'm currently on a bulk. Can anybody recommend calorie dense foods that are low on fat and no need to cook (preferably high carb). Also has to be low fat (due to health issues gotta keep an eye on my fat intake) Recently been eating a lot of bagels they are almost fat free and so yummy and I can just keep a bag next to my desk and snack on them (about 240 kcal each not bad). However after eating them for a week I'm about to get bored. Share your ideas here pls. Anything new or maybe 'good old' stuff that we all forgot? Don't suggest bananas, oats, nuts, rice or Sweet Caribbean bread (I already have eaten a bunch of those ). Looking for something new. I will be adding here too if I find something.
  4. By saying get your calories in the sweet spot you mean what? Cause I recently seem to have found my 'sweet spot' it's aforementioned 3400 kcal per day, I can see I am gaining (I am more than sure that most of it is fat though but being an ecto it still makes me look kinda more jacked).
  5. Never had any issues? Assuming you eat clean?
  6. Recently been eating 3400-3500 kcal per day (appropriate surplus for me at the moment as I am 81 kg and 6'1) and that's what seem to be helping me gain weight along with my training. I don't like snacking and I kinda hate being distracted from reading or doing stuff on my pc all the time so I eat no often than 3 big meal about 1000-1200 kcal each meal. Sometimes after a particular large meal (especially if it is rich fat one like a takeaway, mcdonalds) I get mild signs of NAFLD (fat liver decease) random red marks (spider nevi) pop on skin and liver kinda aches also. Could it be that due to excessive kcal being consumed at once instead of splitting it into 6 small meals my liver just does not have enough time to recuperate? Read about it here: This is how overeating leads to liver damage! | TheHealthSite.comDoes any of you guys eat large meals instead of lots of small meals like me? Did you have similar problem? Is it really bad idea to eat the way I have been eating (in large portions)?Appreciate responses from lifters who are in their 30's and older please, I'm just that age myself and I can relate and benefit from your responses more.
  7. rofl I think my legs just grew a tiny bit by just watching one of them videos where he's doing Leg Presses
  8. Currently doing 5x5 Stronglifts training. Should I hop on the hip abductors machine for some additional volume? Or will hip abductors grow as I progress at squats/deadlifts?
  9. Aloha lifters! So here I am bulking (obviously ). My current stats 81 kg 185 cm ecto but I have some belly fat I reckon I am about 14-15 % bf. Gym three days a week compound lifts + hypertrophy training about 90 min each workout progressive overload and so far it is going really well (been adding weights every week recently), natty not enhanced/no gear. Apart from the gym however I am quite sedentary. My job is pretty easy all I have to do is sit at home and do stuff on my PC and I can get as much sleep as I want (actually I feel like I often sleep more than I should lmao). So I hardly burn any calories unless it is a gym. With the help of a few so to say 'reputable sources' I have calculated my bulking calories intake. Here it is 1. MyFitnessPal: 3000 kcal on workout days 2600 kcal on rest days 2. Bodybuilding.com: 2861 kcal daily. 3. Gregg Doucette: actually says you don't need to ever dirty bulk (dirty bulk = eating your maintannence + 1000 extra kcal like many kids on the internet suggest nowadays). His reasoning is you are gonna gain fat that way and little muscle and then you would need to shed a lot of fat in order to be lean. So instead you can just eat normal/slight surplus/deficit depending on your goal and gain lean muscle but obviously you are gonna gain weight a bit slower that way with the absence of all the 'bulk' fat. So for me dirty bulk is not an option definitely (my liver just hates me when I eat fat burgers and milkshakes xD). Out of those three personally leaning a lot towards MyFitnessPall calories plan. What do ya'll think? Bullshit or good? How did you go about your diet when you were trying to get muscle? What do you think is the right amount for me to keep on consistently gaining muscle?
  10. Was thinking that too. Or maybe a good deload? I have no deloading experience so far. I might search for some threads here or start a new one about it. Especially now that I'm doing a lot of 5x5 lifts I feel like I might need to deload soon.
  11. Agree you probably mean UC-II undenaturated collagen it is like especially for joints and it may help people with arthritis. I think it is in capsules. However many sources say that hydrolized collagen is also just as good for your joints, bones, tendons as well as for your skin and hair. There seem to be a lot of different amino acids in that collagen and they all work together. Hydrolized collagen has also been studied the most as far as I know.
  12. That's the one I've ordered too! Only in 500 gr bag.
  13. Hey everyone, I'm thinking to switch from my 7-8 exercise per day/3 days a week long ass routine to something simple like 5x5 or other compound lifts routine (as it was recommended to me) and because I really wanna nail those heavy lifts for mass gain. My question is: will my calves/biceps still be growing from compounds like squats and dealifts and others? Or will they kind of be lagging behind unless I include isolation? And so this would be a little sacrifice I have to make for the sake of more strength gains? (which I am probably fine with anyway :)). But yea if in your opinion I should include isolations then how many per day? I'm 81 kg/185 cm/14% body fat/roughly 1 year gym experience but my lifts suck atm. Would really appreciate your experienced answers.
  14. Has any of you guys tried Hydrolyzed Collagen? Especially those who have/had issues with tendons and joints pain after doing heavy lifts. Did it work for you or not really? Read on many medical websites that it helps to strengthen connective tissues. Everyone most welcome to post your experiences here.