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  1. Unknown lab from gear stash

    I can give you the link, but it is against the rules.
  2. ORAL cycle

    I don't take YT as words of gospel.
  3. ORAL cycle

    I can quote anyone I want within the rules. Your training partner achieved those lifts with anavar only? That is very hard to believe even Tony Hughes is more believable than that. Maybe your training partner was on something before hand, or he's lying to you. Do you honestly think that these bodybuilders you quote are telling you the truth about their dosages? If so then you are dumber than I thought. Even, Chris Bumstead says he only takes 500mg of Test or something along those lines. These claims are don't hold up. What's embarrassing is that a clown like you is a moderator. You banned me last year and now you attack me again. No surprise there. Why can't you handle criticism and not get butthurt? Using phrases like 'with all due' doesn't change the fact that you are trying to attack me as much possible. Look at the syntax of your sentences. I want you to address this: have you taken RAD-140 and then compare it with anavar to see which one gives more strength? I want you to answer this, don't run. You fool you claim that coach Trevor has bad health so we shouldn't follow him while Luke Sandoe should be listened to. Luke Sandoe has since passed away which is sad but ends up disapproving your point.
  4. ORAL cycle

    What is the problem with coach Trevor? He worked with IFBB pro bodybuilder Cane Bishop who has done very well in many competitions.
  5. ORAL cycle

    No. I'm not basing that off Greg Douchette. I don't know what he says, I have used Rad-140 before and if you use 50mg of RAD it would be quite strong. I noticed a very strong mind muscle connection when using RAD-140 which is something unique. Anavar is one of the best compounds for strength? Nope, not even close. Winstrol is way stronger. 50mg winny >>> 50mg anavar. Superdrol is another dry compound that will blow anavar out of the water. Coach trevor explains the key differences between anavar, winstrol and sarms: Winstrol Vs Anavar Review | Which Compound Is Better? (anabolictv.com) Have you ever used RAD-140 and S-23?
  6. Unknown lab from gear stash

    Never used it but I found a website that sells it. I checked some reviews on eroids and they are saying it is legit.
  7. Test Prop + NPP cycle

    Flip a coin on it. I personally wouldn't there is no need if you taking an oral tbol. It's your choice.
  8. Test Prop + NPP cycle

    Thats good! I'm not sure if you will need caber for 350mg NPP per week but as know bloodwork is the only way to find out for sure. I've ran 500mg + test E per week and did not require any AI, that's why I asked about arimidex.
  9. There is no problem with your bloods. Your total test= 22.3 nmol/l or 643 ng/dl and SHBG is 39 nmol/l which means your free test should be good. All your markers are normal & within range. Prolactin is 234 mIU/L which is also good. The units used in Argentina are weird, it left me scratching my head for a while. You have look to elsewhere like you mentioned stress/depression etc, I'm not sure.
  10. Test Prop + NPP cycle

    okay thats good, I think you have some left over tbol which you want to finish off? Anyway, test+ npp alone is enough to give you strong results. Wait, so you will inject test p with NPP at the same time using the same syringe(MWF)? if so that sounds like a good idea. Forget about test E because I was confused to when you were injecting. With regards to arimidex and caber did you need it in your last cycle?
  11. ORAL cycle

    In my experience yes. I used dbol last summer and it kicked in very quickly. So, I went thro some forums and it turns out that other people that had a similar experience.
  12. Test Prop + NPP cycle

    I've never used either of those compounds but I have used sustanon which contains a small amount of test prop. Sustanon did have some bad pip but it was manageable. Dose for winstrol: 50mg ED for 6 weeks is enough. Use it in the last 6 weeks to 'tidy up' the gains. You could try taking test E for the majority of time but in the last week switch to test p then pct. I'm just trying to come up with a way for you to reduce the number of injections but it's up to you of course. NPP is a good choice if you have to pct quickly afterwards because the longer deca decanoate will stay in your body for like weeks after the last injection. Your total dose amounts to 500mg test p+ 350mg winny +350mg NPP equals 1.2g per week of gear, which is somewhat of a heavy cycle. Make sure you train as hard as possible to make it count.
  13. HCG only cycle

    Don't worry you won't need an AI. I run test to over 500mg per week without any problems. Of course everyone is different but 350mg per week is not a high dose at all. With regards to HCG, a regulation dose of 1000iu EOD will give you high normal testosterone levels. It can be good for increasing test production, it is almost like a strong test booster that actually works. This is why it is banned by the WADA/UKAD. It can be experimented in a TRT setting but to run it for a bodybuilding cycle doesn't seem like a good idea to me. Test prop is a better idea.
  14. Yeah man there is way. Is this is your first cycle? If you take test prop say 100mg EOD(375mg per week) you will know that you are on something. It doesn't take long to kick in at all, certainly not weeks. I never used solo test prop, but I have used sustanon. I noticed the test prop kickin very quickly like 1-2 days. For example, say you inject 100mg on Monday, the next day you might wake up with an erection and get big pumps during your workout. Just pin in it, you will know. Simple as that.
  15. Test Prop + NPP cycle

    This looks good for a 4th cycle. However, since Nandrolone PP and Test P will both hold water; so like you mentioned Dbol or Anadrol will not help you achieve your goals because they will increase water retention even more. Tbol is good choice but winstrol will be even better. Winstrol will blow tbol out of the water when it comes to dry/hard look. In summary, you should take winstrol as an oral to achieve the clean dry mass you said in the post. Or you could just do test+npp that is still pretty strong its around 850mg/0.85g per week of gear. Small question: why are you choosing small esters?