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  1. Good lab for DHB(1-test cyp)? Dragon pharma DHB?

    Yeah that is a good point. Maybe labs are sending their best products in for testing purposes.
  2. Good lab for DHB(1-test cyp)? Dragon pharma DHB?

    Yeah could be true. But there are so many labs on there, they all paid money to Anabolic lab? Could be possible but kinda hard to believe. Some labs they have proven to be bunk and contained contaminations. Notice all the primo they tested are from well-known labs. Honestly, to me Anabolic labs does look a bit sketchy but I don't understand how they have so many labs.
  3. Good lab for DHB(1-test cyp)? Dragon pharma DHB?

    No it makes perfect sense. Halotestin is the most expensive raw/steroid powder out there. Now, if I were a steroid dealer selling 10mg Halo tablets, I could easily replace them with 50mg of winstrol(winstrol is dirt cheap). Most men would take 20mg of Halo everyday right, so in this case they would actually take 100mg of winstrol that would be enough to get insane strength, vascularity and their liver would take a hit, Halo is also very liver toxic; meaning if they were to do a liver blood test they won't know if it is because of Halo or Winstrol. Anavar can be replaced by Winstrol. DHB can be replaced by EQ or masteron. Tren Hex can be replaced by Tren E. Sustanon can replaced by a custom combination of esters and so on. Above is just an example, I would never cheat somebody like that.
  4. Good lab for DHB(1-test cyp)? Dragon pharma DHB?

    Then don't. I am only speaking from my experience. I used Balkan and it was legit like the website said. Buy the product and try it out for yourself.
  5. Good lab for DHB(1-test cyp)? Dragon pharma DHB?

    I don't know about SIS as I have never used them. If you have a look at the Balkan pharma test results I can attest to them. I have blood work from January 2020 to prove that. I did two hormone blood tests and they clearly show Balkan test E was on spot. So, Anabolic Lab got that right. For example, when I ran Balkan I didn't feel anything until around week 4, despite having ultra high test levels. And it took about 6 weeks for me to really feel like I was on something. Now, if I didn't do blood work I probably would have binned the product at week 3 and would start talking crap about them on this forum. This is what could've happened to SIS on these forums. As far as other labs are concerned like the 'standard UK UGL' there are so many individuals here who are pushing them that they outnumber the people talking bad about them. SIS, Hilma, Anaboliclab.com could all be bunk/bogus or could be legit. I don't know. The only way to truly know is to get HPLC testing on that product. I couldn't care less about Anaboliclab.com it has nothing to do with me.............
  6. Brawn Rad-140 any good?

    Possible side effects: 1- can suppress natural testosterone but if you have high testosterone levels to begin with then you won't even need a pct. I was using a test base so it didn't matter 2- Can cause baldness only if you are genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness. 3-Can cause cramps because it binds to the androgen receptors in your muscles and puts your muscle in overdrive 4- Some people say they get aggression side effect, but I didn't get that 5- Not a side effect but the price is an issue. This is why I won't use it again. I will probably use DHB or winstrol which is even stronger. Apart from cramps I did not get any side effects. Cramps are easy to avoid just drink plenty of water.
  7. Good lab for DHB(1-test cyp)? Dragon pharma DHB?

    Yes, should be(https://anaboliclab.com/lab-results/brand-name/hilma-biocare/). Hilma makes peptides, growth hormone and all kinds of drugs. Its a shame they don't make DHB. Their packaging is pretty professional and have a good website too. I doubt they would be bunk. If you go on their website, you can find the 'authorised sellers' list and should only really buy from them. Hilma doesn't seem to be all that popular in UK because nobody is pushing them on these forums whereas Sphinx, Nexus, Neuro, Dunning etc are very popular due to their owners pushing them a lot on this forum.
  8. Brawn Rad-140 any good?

    I would avoid Brawn and any other British SARM supplier. I would recommend using Purerawz, Behemoth Labs and Swiss Chems and no other supplier, period. All these ship to the UK. SARMs are faked very often. I tried a few UK sarms sites and 3 out of 4 were bunk and the one that was legit was under dosed. I am surprised you got some results from Brawn. There is no upper limit for RAD-140. The articles you read on the internet are non-sense written by idiots. The upper-limit is somewhat correct for average gym rats. Say you are a 110kg competitive Bodybuilder at 6% body fat then 30mg of RAD-140 won't be enough for you. You probably would have to use winstrol depot, DHB etc to get stage ready. However, there are not too many people who are 110kg stage-ready on the UK muscle forum( or in the world to be honest). In conclusion, the dose of RAD-140 is completely dependant on the athlete and his/her goals. If you want steroid like benefits then start at 30mg then increase to 40-50 mg I guess. If you want to be safe and healthy then 20mg should be enough for average athletes.
  9. Brawn Rad-140 any good?

    Strength gains are good. RAD-140 has a unique ability to improve mind muscle connection and also has a muscle hardening effect. I ran around 15-30mg ED for about 5 weeks and was very happy. I bought 1 gram powder from purerawz and made my own capsules this is why I have no clue what dosage I was taking. I also was running around 500mg of test. RAD-140 hardened my muscles to the point where I struggled to inject test, now I have to inject very fast otherwise the needle doesn't go in. RAD also gives huge pumps and improved muscular endurance. The mind muscle connection is so insane that if I tense my biceps hard, I feel like my biceps will probably tear or something. I would say it is significantly stronger than Test E for mg per mg basis. 30mg of RAD every day(210mg per week) would defo gave you more strength than 500mg of Test E. The best way to utilise RAD would be use it along with a test base like I did, that way you have sufficient oestrogen and won't feel lethargic. If you run 30mg of RAD-140 every day along with a test base(like 250mg) for 12 weeks then man you will get dramatic/breath-taking improvements in both strength and physique. From week 0 to week 12 you will be a completely different athlete. If somebody didn't see you for 12 weeks they won't be able to recognise you. When I was on RAD I felt like a superhero during my training sessions. I would run RAD for 12 weeks but don't have the money this is why I use cheaper drugs like winstrol. No side effects at all.
  10. Good lab for DHB(1-test cyp)? Dragon pharma DHB?

    I think it was Alpha Pharma which got raided a couple of years ago. I don't really have a 'go to' lab. I just buy where ever I can get my gear from. I got 3X10ml vials of Balkan Test E for the price of 2 in the Halloween 2019 sale. I know a good site that sells Balkan, SP labs, Hilma Biocare and has many sales throughout the year. Recently there was a buy 3 get 4 sale. This is what steroid dealers look like: https://www.nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/news/jailed-the-pharma-boss-who-ran-world-s-biggest-anabolic-steroid-distribution-network Apparently the CEO of Alpha Pharma imported 16 tonnes of steroids into the UK which were worth £12 million
  11. Good lab for DHB(1-test cyp)? Dragon pharma DHB?

    That sentence has triggered me a little bit. Balkan and SP labs are literally the two best steroid sellers/deals in Europe. No question. Just go on the SP labs website and you'll see what I mean. I think Balkan is a pharmaceutical company and SP labs is the UGL version of Balkan. In Moldova, there are like two Balkan pharma stores that you can walk in. The reason why Sphinx/ Nexus/ Neuro whatever are so popular in the UK is because the people who make them are on the uk-muscle site and they push their products. In my experience, Sphinx has been decent/gtg however the pip was nasty at least for the first few weeks. I know another guy(NotAmigrant) who was getting some serious flu from Sphinx Test Cyp. If you click on my profile you can see my previous posts. I ran Balkan in January 2020 and blood levels came back at 116-153 nmol/l at a dose of test E 500mg per week. I am also running Balkan right now and still have another vial left. Sphinx gave me 168nmol/l from just 360mg per week of Test E. So in the end I was happy with Sphinx.
  12. Good lab for DHB(1-test cyp)? Dragon pharma DHB?

    I did try Sphinx Test E before and worked great. I got some nasty pip and the product was well overdosed(which is a good thing of course). I compared it Balkan pharma and Sphinx was definitely dosed higher than Balkan. Meaning 350mg of test E of Sphinx gave me higher test levels than 500mg of Balkan.
  13. I don't know what that word means
  14. Why? Simply, Why? I can understand if you want to come off for health reasons but if you are doing this because of coronavirus fear, then the virus must be in your head.