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  1. From what I heard it should be legit. My friend Sasnak(he's on this forum) told me it should be good since its from the supplier that supplies Nexus. I haven't used it yet, I'll post an update once I do use it.
  2. From what I hear: Nexus, triumph, dimensions. I can't put the website for these( I'll get banned again), but you can easily find them on internet. Apart from this I have used Balkan pharma and it is also good. I bought it from a sale of buy2 get one free. It comes from a European country so the delivery is expensive, it makes sense to buy in bulk. Original balkan pharma and SP labs will never let you down, they're very close to pharma grade. Also I have a bottle of test prop from Hilma biocare, I will try it and let you know. Another lab I used is cenzo pharma, I used their dbol and it worked very well I have not tried their test so don't know. One more: I have a bottle of sust 400 from RX labs from the same supplier of nexus labs but have not tried it yet.
  3. I don't know, I used their Test E 300mg/ml in February 2020 I think and it worked very well. I injected around 350mg per week and my levels were over 100nmol/l or something like that. Defo worked
  4. when was this? if this true I certainly did not get the memo
  5. If you have bought from Sphinx Pharma then the products are unlikely to be bunk. I have a new source that supplies Sphinx. With regards to your total T that is defo too low. You injected around 150mg that should give you levels of around 20+ nmol/l 24 hrs after injection. When did you inject it and when did you get your bloods done. Forget about SHBG for now, low SHBG is good. This graph shows 110mg of Test E produces around 15 nmol/l 24 after injection. Yes everyone metabolises it differently, but 9.9 nmol/l is too low unless you got the bloods done after like 10days.
  6. Can this be real

    you did the same thing, but now you removed the post. Very clever
  7. Can this be real

    mate what is going on? When I posted a picture like that, the website and price. I got banned, it seems the moderator of this site is corrupt.
  8. Hi everybody, I picked an ankle injury in July I think from doing sprint training. Since then I have seen a few physios and non of them have really helped. I have tried icing it, taking ibuprofen and did all the exercises given by my physio. But the problem is that every time I try to come back to training, especially jumping or running the injury comes back again. I think I have an ankle sprain, since the side tendons/ligament are sore but I am not sure. I also have some posterior tibial tendon pain. Is there anything anyone can recommend? Maybe some supplements like bpc-157 or anything that is good for healing or some exercises that worked for you?
  9. RAD-140

    I never knew that. I will do more research into it. I was always told that the lower the SHBG the better, since you have more metabolites of steroids. I am pretty sure all oral steroids reduce SHBG.
  10. RAD-140

    I don't quite understand how your test would be suppressed if you are on TRT. It should have no effect. With regards to SHBG, the lower the better. Low SHBG is a good thing as far as I am aware, it means you have more free test.
  11. RAD-140

    Yeah of course its better to take your health into consideration. You could use exemestane, it has pretty much no effect on cholesterol. But I agree with what your doing, the less drugs the better.
  12. RAD-140

    I wanted to use SARMs when I was in my late teens but I got scammed by so many sites in the UK. Now I stopped using SARMS altogether, I just use anavar, winstrol, dbol and test E or sustanon sometimes. SARMs are a waste of time not because they don't work- they do- but they are faked so often. I used RAD from Purerawz like I said and had zero side effects on top of around 300-500mg of test E per week. I think you should just increase your test to around 300mg per week that is pretty safe. I mean I don't get any side effects from steroids either but I am a lot younger maybe that's why. I am naturally producing about 24nmol/l of total T and 0.62nmol/l of free test. This is after pct. In conclusion, your TRT should be enough to get good gains, if not then increase test to 300mg per week. If you are 50 y/old its a good idea not to try and beat Chris Bumstead, take it easy.
  13. RAD-140

    I used RAD and got no side effects. I got it from Purerawz online. Maybe take it on an empty stomach or full stomach, I hope that helps on digestion. Secondly, if you are serious about training then I would say just get on steroids. They are more reliable and cheaper. Use a test base and use an oral on top, nice and easy. Of course research the side effects.
  14. Good strongman gym in midlands?

    Give them a phone I don't know how much strongman stuff they have but I think they do have a lb-3 rogue bar.