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  1. Anyone tried Onyx Pharma Belgium test 400?

    I've read the other replies, I was asking you. Thanks for the response tho much appreciated
  2. Anyone tried Onyx Pharma Belgium test 400?

    You used Onyx Pharma Belgium?
  3. Anyone tried Onyx Pharma Belgium test 400?

    Man that is disappointing to hear. How can Dbol be faked? It is the cheapest steroid ever. I will try Hilma in a few weeks time then I will find out.
  4. Anyone tried Onyx Pharma Belgium test 400?

    How long ago was this? That is very disappointing to hear. I haven't bought this product but your comments have turned me off. I might try Hilma or dimensions instead?
  5. Anyone tried Onyx Pharma Belgium test 400?

    What did you run and did you get the bloods done?
  6. As the title suggests, what is your opinion on this lab and the product TEST 400. Each 1ml contains: 300mg Test Cyp/E 100mg Test Prop
  7. First testo cycle.

    No, I meant Test+winny+deca. Test+ deca+dbol is popular but will give insane water retention and puffy look. Coach Gregg Douchette despises test, deca dbol cycle he rather have his clients run test,dbol with masteron to get rid of that puffy look. Most guys rather look like a bodybuilder than a sumo wrestler.
  8. First testo cycle.

    winstrol defo builds muscle especially when coupled with test. You won't gain as much weight as dbol because there is no water retention.
  9. First testo cycle.

    Will you need an AI if you use 50mg of Dbol ED /500mg test or 50mg winny / 500mg test? Obviously with dbol + test you are more likely to need an AI, dbol converts to methyl estrogen, winny doesn't. You haven't even read what I said. With dbol, at least half the weight you gain will be water, that is not the case with winny. One of the most famous mass gaining cycles is test+deca+winny and that is for a good reason. Test E reaches peak in 24hrs time, whether you feel it or not is a different story. Look at the studies. So I can't give advice on steroids, who are you to tell me? What are your credentials that you are allowed to give out advice and I am not. Who's making up these rules?
  10. MK-677 For Wider Shoulders?

    You have never used any of them so what do you know
  11. MK-677 For Wider Shoulders?

    just saying it how it is
  12. Test 450 & Stanavar Cycle

    Why so much dosage man? Are you getting ready for a competition?
  13. First testo cycle.

    I would recommend to kickstart your cycle with winstrol instead of dbol. Simply because that negates the need for an AI or you could start with 250mg of test for the first few weeks then remove dbol and increase test to 500mg. That way you won't need an AI. Winstrol will build permanent dry muscle not that bloated look you get from dbol. If I take dbol at a high dosage then I get the puffy moonface look. HCG is useless unless you want big balls or kick start natural test production before a PCT. HCG on cycle is a waste of money and time(my opinion) I would say you do this : 250mg test + 50mg winny for the first 4 week 350- 500mg test + 50mg winny for the next 4 weeks You can pct or Take time off: take 1mg of test per pound of bodywieght to maintain muscle while training hard. That would be 78kg *2.2*1=176mg of test per week.
  14. The study on that site came from NCBI, I'm pretty sure. That site looks like a scam since they sell that fake anabolics but it does have very use full information on steroids, along with their cycle suggestions, detection times and half-life.
  15. MK-677 For Wider Shoulders?

    I was offering genuine advice. I dunno if this guy was a troll or not. I don't even like training natty. Why not start with test and winstrol for a kick starter? You're telling him to do all that hardwork: pullups etc but for what? Why not take test+winstrol for 2months train hard, have a clean diet and make more more gains than you would in 2 years if you were natty? Anyway the gains you make from your first cycle are pretty much permanent. I am on TRT(150mg of Sustanon) right now and can't wait to get on a full cycle of test + dbol. Natty = normal. On a cycle= superhero I rather have coronavirus than train natty