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  1. What does she want to see in the red light district? Is she into women? She has a husband so must be bi.
  2. Nope, quite a lot of the protein powders are denatured. If you make a protein shake and the powder settles down then that protein has been denatured by using high temperatures. Coach Trevor, Rich Piana and other large bodybuilders agree. They don't take protein powder. Go argue with them. Go and watch Rich Piana's video on protein powder. I think Rich Piana might know a thing or two about bodybuilding. I am not against protein powder, you can do whatever you want. I don't take protein powder and have not noticed any decrease in performance. Most people get enough protein from their diet unless you live in a starving country like Pakistan.
  3. Thank you lol. Greg Douchbag? You said you have never done a pct? Yeah that's because you are trt.
  4. nice joke. Visiting friends, I like that.
  5. What do you want? Oh yeah, you were the one asking for my pictures. I will send you some soon. It's just that the camera in my phone is bad so will ask my friend to take some pictures.
  6. This any good?

    Skip the video to 11:35 for conclusion.
  7. This any good?

    Injectable tren is very strong. You could try Anadrol, Halotestin, S-23(I'm not sure how it compares to steroids). Methyl tren I think is a useless steroid that's risks outweigh the benefits. Even big bodybuilders don't take methyl tren. It will not give you any size just strength and aggression.
  8. This any good?

    Man I would stay away from this. I don't like SIS labs and I heard that methyl tren is the most toxic steroid of all time. Injectable tren is bad enough, why do you want this? If this is legit then yes it is the strongest steroid(in theory at least)
  9. I mean whey protein is digested so quickly that it will be in and out of system fast. Only about 1/3 of a 30g scoop of whey will be digested since the body can only digest so much protein at a time. It is better to take 10g of whey three times a day or casein before bed but ideally protein from food sources(milk, turkey breast etc) will always be absorbed better. Can I come with you to Thailand the next time you go? I don't have too many friends that want to go with me. We can go red light district together no?
  10. Cheers for your reply mate. I will reduce the dose to 10mg every other day. I do want a healthy amount of oestrogen in my blood. I politely disagree with you with regards to HCG. I understand you have years of steroids use under your belt and I don't like to argue with you. However, I believe taking HCG during cycle is merely for cosmetic purposes(big testicles). I do not have a girlfriend so no worries there. How can HCG increase chance of full recovery? When you are injecting test you will be suppressed and there is no drug that can prevent that. HCG is used for pct since it 'jump starts' natural production. I heard this from coach Greg Douchette. I would back myself to fully recover from a test E 500mg cycle, I mean 500mg is a baby dose and I am not taking any Halotestin or tren. For example, if you are young like me it is much easier to recover than say a 50 year old.
  11. I was thinking monthly/weekly/[insert a word that starts with f] I have never heard of that before.
  12. I think you need to train harder. How hard? Harder than the last time you trained. Watch some videos from Enhanced Athlete and Coach Greg Douchette. I would recommend the conventional hypertrophy training like 5 sets until failure(12-15 reps). I don't know how to say this nicely but your lifts are far from impressive. I would focus on compounds lifts like pullups/weighted pullups, bench press and do the isolation exercises(curls) at the end. With regards to supplements, I would recommend taking some MK-677 25mg everyday. It is the safest performance enhancing drug and will increase your hunger. Give me a private message and I can tell you some sources. I personally love drugs and steroids. I am currently on testosterone enanthate and Dianabol and am the same age as you. I would not recommend steroids unless you have done your research. I would strongly recommend you stop taking 3 protein shakes. One is more than enough. I stopped taking protein shakes a while ago, they are a waste of money. Big bodybuilders don't take high doses of protein shakes, they eat stuff like salmon etc. Go search on youtube 'food vs protein shakes rich piana.' The only people who take protein shakes are: retards, women and big bodybuilders who are trying to sell them. It might be worth hiring a bodybuilding coach so he can you tell when to cycle which drugs. I don't know what your long term plans are but there is no bodybuilding without steroids. All top bodybuilders and fitness models take steroids. Oh yeah, with regards to guys on youtube most of them are on SARMs or steroids. For example, Mattdoesfitness used to be a skinny w**ker(like you) but after a few years of steroids/SARMs usage(and hard work of course) he has a pretty respectable physique.
  13. It is normally dosed at 25mg. I agree with that. I will get blood work done again in about 10 days then I will know what effect Aromasin has. I am using Dbol because I need a powerfull pre-workout. We all know OTC pre-workouts are utter bull. I don't understand what 'm/w/f' means. Secondly, my eostrodiol levels are so high that I panicked slightly and started exemestane as soon as I could. You think I should stick to 20mg EOD and wait for bloodwork or lower the dose now?
  14. Yes, you are correct. I bought mine from UGL and for some reason it is dosed at 20mg/tab. I don't know why